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When is a constructor called and what does it do? Give an example of some Java code that invokes a constructor.
A constructor is something like keyboardreader = new keyboard reader(). What instantiates (creates) a new object and puts it in memory. () is called the default constructor. Instantiate and having an example already in your mind is a good idea.
What is the function of the static modifier? Give an example of when it may be used.
2. The function of the static modifier. (anything static is loaded into memory) Things that are static are variables and methods. A variable can be static and a method can be a static. We call static objects a class member o ra class member. Anything that is not static is called a instance method or a instance variable. A class member that we reference by a class is: “max.round” or the main method.
What is a narrowing conversion? Under what circumstances can a narrowing conversion take place?
Narrowing conversion is: when does java moan at you about narrowing or widening conversion. You can loose precision when you assign a double to an integer. This is when you take a larger variable and try to cram it into a narrower variable.
What is the scope and lifetime of variables? Give some examples of variables that have different scope and lifetime.
The scope and lifetime of variables are… The scope of a variable is: global, … They all have certain lifetime and certain scope
When information is being read from file, why is it desirable to use an "initial read"?
It is desirable to use a “initial read” because
the quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog
what is this about?
trying out this new service.
what do i like?
flashcard exchange.
how do we finish
i am not sure yet