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What is the max. percentage for vehicle window tint
What is the min. time for a notice to appear for a citation
at least 10 days
How long are temp. tags on a car good for
21 Days
In traffic investigation what is not a traffic condition
an accident
What is the min. distance an object can be sticking out of a truck that requires a red flag
4 ft.
How long does an officer have to report any violation over a class c he has commited to TECLOSE
30 days
What is the form you can fill out for a CDL that disables them to operate a vehicle for 24 hours
out of service form
what lane are you authorized to pass in a rotary island
on the right
what is the definition of a contorolled substance
a drud listed on penalty groups 1-4
what is the definition of a dangerous drug
a prescription drug
when leaving an alley where shuld you stop
at the sidewalk before the street
what is the difference between robbery and theft
the amount of force used
what day of the week can you not serve civil process
storefront thieves catch _________ thieves
What is the definition of injection
being cut or aggrated
what does the fight or flight response result in
In a felony stop what is the preffered way to stop your vehicle
off-set to the left and back 10-15 ft.
a witness that comes from another state to testify in trial is not subject to what
civil or criminal prosecution
what kind of abuse is the threat of sexual abust
sexual abuse
who has the right to prevent all theft
all persons
what is a written order by a clerk directing a person be arrested and brought to the court innediately
when do nost accidents for peace officers occurq
when backing
what response method refers to crimes that have already been commited
reactive response
what response system relies on information mostly from witnesses victims and suspects
incident driven
according to the penal code what is the definition of a child
10 to 16 years old
what is an eviction notice reffered to as
writ of posession
what is a factor contributing to emergency vehicles having low audible sound
heavy traffic
what is considered a precourser in a drug case
drug paraphernalia
what is a relative event that something took place
supervisor has a _______ to stop unnecessary force by any police officer
affermative duty
what is an officers most important factor when dealing with violators
self controll
a ________ is able to take everything around a situation and sort out relevant information
skilled observer
what is the objective of patroll
preserve the peace
how long of a class do constables have to attend on civil process
20 hours
putting your drivers lisence on personal property is called
operation id
what is a group of words that express a complete thought
a sentence is a group of words taht contain a subject, predicate, and a word that follows teh verb ______
completes its meaning
what cases does district court hear
felony cases
in family violence situations a police officer _____ give written notice of leagal advise
a peace officer ____ arrest if a crime has been commited in the view of a magistrate
a peace officer from out of state persuing someone may arrest only on a _____ charge
what is the security given to the accused that he will appear and answer before teh proper court
what is the def. of personal injury
injury to any part of teh human body that requires treatment
what is a divided contrilled access highway for through traffic
the entire width between teh boundry lines of a pubicly maintained way any part that is opened for vehicle travel is a ________
highway or street
an operatorof a vehicle passing another vehicle shall return to an authorized lane before comming within ____ of the approaching vehicle
200 feet
no vehicle shall be driven left of the center of teh readway when approaching within _____ of a bridge or a tunnel
100 feet
what is the min. distance a vehicle can be parked from a fire hydrant
15 feet
how long must a vehicle be parked on the side of a highway for it to be cnsidered abandoned
48 hours
how far away must the red tail lights on the rear of the vehicle be visible from
1000 feet
what is the distance a train must be in sight for a car to stop at a railroad crossing
1500 feet
what distance from a highway is considered illegal dumping
300 feet
after an arrest how long does a violator have to be taken to a magistrate
48 hrs
any chemical in the right amount may be toxic is the definition of _______
dose response
what is the case law that deals with the exclusionary rule and the fruits of the poisionous tree doctrine
wong sun v US
what is the case law that deals with the exclusionary rule
mapp v ohio
It is important for teh officer to maintain physical and emotional control in order to ensure the safety of the officer the arrestee and the public defines:
what is a factor in the justification of baton use
physical stature
what is the sdvantage of teh use of a rear approach to a suspect
a vehicle not designed to transport people or property and is only incidentally driven on the highway is:
special mobile equipment
what is the latin meaning or the body of the crime
copus delecti
what is looked for when examining bloodstains and hair roots
DNA fingerprints
when there is no camera available to photograph a crime scene the officer should make a _________
perspective sketch
what does SARA in the sara model stand for
scanning, analysis, response, assessment
what is incident to arrest
what senses can give you suspocion of criminal activity
all senses
the area of open space surrounding a dwelling and considered part of a house is:
what is the normal serving time to serve alcoholic beverages
7am to 12am
during extended hours when can mixed beverages be served
12am 2am
the correct distanct to follow another vehicle is:
safe distance
what is the min. distance for hazard lights to been seen:
what are the color of signal lights to the rear of the vehicle
red, amber, or yellow
conduct that is conscious of an objective defines what level of culpability
what is an affirmative defense t prosecution if engaged because of threat to himself
does voluntary intoxicaton constitute a defense to the commission of a crime
conduct of merely affording a person an oppertunity to commit an offense does not constitute:
when is the threat of force justified
when the use of force is justified
is mistake of fact a defense to prosecution
is mistake of law a defense to prosecution
if younger than 18 a person can be disiplined but use of deadly force defines:
parent child relationship
what is the definition and punishiment for manslaughter
recklessly causes death, 2nd degree felony
a man is in charge of a ride and accidentally causes the death of a person because he is intoxicated. what is the charge
intoxicated manslaughter, 2nd degree felony
_____ means to restrict a persons movements without consent
if a person intentionally or knowingly restrains another he is guilty of:
unlawfull restraint
if a child is kidnapped and used as a shield from police offiers guns the correct charge is:
aggervated kidnapping
if a man is touching the genetals, butt or brests of a 16 year old girl he is guilty of:
indecency with a child
if a mom leaves a 14 year old in the car in charge of a 7 year old in the car what offense is the mom guilty of:
leaving the child in a unattended vehicle
an officer _______ arrest a person protected in a protective order
may not
if a person recklessly starts a fire that person is guilty of:
the elements for a person being charges with leaving a child in a vehicle are:
a child under the age of 7 is left in a vehicle without a person 14 years old or older
if a person eners a garage attached to a house and takes something out of the car what is the charge:
if a person tampered with a price tag of merchendise at a store the person is guilty of:
fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing
if a suspect is found with a stolen credit card weather he has used it or not is guilty of:
credit card/ debit card abuse
if you are in custody of a police officer you are considered to be:
under arrest
is a erson interrupts a city council meeting and yells obscenities he is guilty of:
disrupting a meeting or procession
of a person offers to engage or agrees to engage, in sexual contact for a fee they are guilty of:
if a person is responsible or in charge of 2 or more prostitutes they are guilty of:
aggravated promotion of prostitution
if a person causes a person 17 or younger to be a prostitute they are guilty of:
compelling prostitution
if a person lies under oath durfing official proceeding or is a material witness they are guilty of:
aggrevated perjury
a person traveling from another state with a gun in there car is guilty of:
an adult in wich a child lives with is considered to be the:
What is teh minimum number of officers in a department that must recieve in service training on supervision
what percent of the time is a message recieved in the actual content of a message
consent can be given for alcohol testing in what kinds of tests
blood and breath
not saliva
an order to bring the accused before a judge to answer the charge against him is:
writ of habeas corpus
Who are concidered magistrates
judges, mayors and recorders of incorporated cities
a peace officer _____ summon aid to assist
which step in the 7step violator contact can the violator explain why they are violating the traffic law
in which step of teh 7 step violator contacts is the tone of the traffic stop set
1st step
who must issue an emergency protective order after a family violence arrest
a magistrate
when can a police officer make an arrest without a warrant
any time an offense is commited in his view
can a search warrant end in an arrest
what direct that a witness bring evidence to court with them
subpoena duces tecum
what factors are related in fitness and wellness
motor skills and health
involves the expression or use of facts without distortion by personal feelings or prejudices defines:
an adverse judgement or opinion formed
shared cultures or beliefs
cruel and unusual punishment and excessive bail are covered in what ammendment
protection against self incrimination is covered in what ammendment

(miranda v arizona)
the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly are covered in what ammendment

douglas v city of douglas
right to trial and to confront the accused are covered in what ammendment

galt case
states rights are covered in what ammendment
probable cause, search and seizure are covered in what ammendment

tenn. v garner
individual rights are covered in what ammendment
in order for a sender to know taht a message was recieved the sender must recieve what
an officer ______ arrest without warrant a person in violation ofa protective order taht does not occur in his presence
an officer _____ arrest a person who violates a protective order in his presence
handcuffing is considered a ________ .
temporart restraint
the phases to a victim to a crims are impact ______ and ______ .
recoil and reorganization
a substance that has an addiction forming or addiction substance liability is _______
an opiate
us code section 242, depribation of rights under the color of low is a:
federal civil case
a group of behaviors or sumptoms known as a syndrome is a :
mental disorder
the 2 most common stereotypes of a person with mental illness are:
schizophrenia and violent behavior
when a prosecutor calls an officer to the stand to testify and illicit answere this is called what:
direct examination
what is the case law that supports the elements of search incident to arrest is:
chemel v california
what kind of patrol has high visibility, intense patrol and can go where motorized vehicles cant go
bicycle patrol
one man patrol is more ______ to his duties
TCLEOSE requires continuing education within _______ for peace officers
24 months
when loading a shotgun what protects the shells after loading
what is the propper charge for smoking tobbaco in an elevator
smoking tobbaco
when useing a baton what angle of impact should be attempted
45 degree
at a train/ roadway intersection what is the distance of the train before the first whistle blast must be sounded
1500ft or 1/4 mile
how many days or half days can a student miss before he is charged with truancy
9 1/2 total days
how many days can a student miss before there truancy is considered deliquent behavior
10 or more in 6 months or 3 or more in 4 weeks
threatened sexual assault of a child under 14 is what kind of abuse and charge
aggrevated suxual assault

what percentace of calls to police depts. are related to family violence
what elements of an offense must be met to complete an offense
forbidden conduct, required culpability, required result, and negation of any exceptions
what is the root cause for spousal abuse
need for power and controll
teh stiffening for the body taht starts at the _______ and spreads downward is the definition of ______ .
neck and lower jaw

rigor mortis
in order to photogragh or fingerprint a child an officer must have a ________ or parent/juvenile court consent
felony or class a or b misdemeanor
an officer may break down the door after giving notice of his purpose and quthority only in ______ cases
if you have 2 suspects and one set of handcuffs how do you cuff
left to left and right to right
someone running a gambling ring is guilty of:
gambling promotion
______ means to sell dispoense give away or supply in any other manner
conduct commited by a child other than traffic offenses that violates the law is considerer:
delinquent conduct