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ひさしぶり 0 5
・〜で[に] after a long time;
《不在の後》after a long absence.
・…して以来〜だ It is a long time [an age] since….
・〜ですね I haven't seen you for a long time.
ひさびさ 0 2
Been a while!
じゅぎょう —げふ 1
teaching; instruction; school work; a lesson; a class; school.
・今日は〜がない We have [There are] no classes today.
・〜をする teach; give lessons ((to)).
・〜を受ける be taught; take a lesson ((in)).
・〜をさぼる cut a class.
・〜は8時に始まる School begins at 8:00.

授業時間  school hours.
授業中  during school hours [the lesson]; in class.
授業料  school [tuition] fees; tuition.
ただ 1
《単に》simply; solely; merely; only.
・〜で 《無料》free; gratis; for nothing.
・〜同然で買う buy at a giveaway price.
・〜より高いものはない There is no such thing as a free lunch.
・〜の 《普通》common; ordinary.
・〜の人 a nobody.
・〜者ではない be no ordinary fellow.
・〜…すればよい All one has to do is (to) do.
・〜一人で all alone; by oneself.
・彼は〜泣くばかりだった He did nothing but cry.
さいきん 0
・〜(に) recently; lately.
・〜の the latest ((news)); up-to-date; current.
・〜まで till quite recently.
ひま 0
《閑暇》time to spare; leisure; free time;
《休暇》a leave (of absence); ((take)) a〈day〉off.
・〜がかかる take time.
・〜がない have no time ((to do, for a thing)).
・〜である be free; be not busy; 《商売が》be slow; be dull.
・〜をつぶす kill time.
・〜を出す dismiss; 〔話〕fire.
ろんぶん 0
《文学などの》an essay ((on));
《学問的な》a thesis; a dissertation;
《新聞雑誌の》an article;
《報告の》a paper.
・〜を提出する submit [present] a thesis.
卒業[博士]論文  a graduation [doctoral] thesis.
しめきり 0
a deadline; closing; 〔掲示〕Closed.
・〜に間に合う[間に合わない] meet [miss] the deadline.
・〜期日 the closing date; the deadline.
らいしゅう —しう 0
next week.
〔米〕a week from today;
〔英〕this day [today] (next) week.
こんしゅう —しう 0
this week.
・〜の金曜日 this Friday.
ちゃんと 0
《整然と》neatly; in (good) order; ready; respectably; 《正しく》properly; exactly; correctly; 《時刻正しく》punctually; 《規則正しく》regularly; 《間違いなく》without fail; 《無事に》safely; 《十分に》perfectly; completely; quite; well.
・〜した neat; tidy; proper; respectable; regular; definite.
・〜座る sit up straight.
・〜した服装をする dress properly.
・〜した返事 a decent answer.
・家賃を〜払う pay one's rent regularly.
だ・す 1
《発する》(声を) give; utter; (音を) make; 《差し出す・突き出す》hold [put, stick] out; 《露出する》expose; show; 《取り出す》take out; produce; 《郵送する》send [post,〔米〕mail]; 〔米〕mail; 《金を》pay; give; (寄付) contribute; donate; (投資) invest; 《飲食物を》serve; 《提出する》hand [send] in; 《発行する》publish [issue]; 《店を》open [start]; 《運転する》run [operate]; 《ガス・水道を》turn on; 《速力を》make [have] a speed ((of)).
・大きな音を〜 make a big noise.
・力を〜 put forth one's strength.
・勇気を〜 pluck up one's courage.
・舌を〜 put [thrust] out one's tongue.
・手を(差し)〜 hold [reach] out one's hand.
・窓から頭を(突き)〜 stick one's head out of the window.
・ひざを〜 expose one's knees.
・ポケットから切符を〜 produce a ticket from one's pocket.
・願書を〜 send in one's application for admission.
・多くの死傷者を〜 cause [result in] many casualties.
《始める》begin [start] ((to do, doing)).
・突然泣き〜 burst out crying.
つぎ 2
・〜の next; following; coming; second.
・〜に next; second(ly); then; 《…の次に》next to; after.
・〜から次へ one after another.
・1つおいて〜 next but one.
・〜の〜の駅 the next station but one.
キーワード 3 [key word]
おねがい —ねがひ 0
くぎ・る 2
divide; partition;
《文を》punctuate; mark off; space.
ください 3
・…を〜 Give me…; I would like….
・…して〜 (Would you) please….
ふつう 0
usually; generally.
・〜の ordinary; common; usual; normal; 《一般の》general.
・〜以上[以下]である be above [below] the average.

普通貸付  regular lending.
普通株  common shares.
普通教育  a common [ordinary] education.
普通社債  a straight bond.
普通選挙  universal suffrage.
普通取引  regular way [transactions].
普通預金  an ordinary deposit.
普通列車  a local train.