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to do, to make
する (irr.)
to get up
おきる (-ru)
to exist, to be located - animate object
いる (-ru)
to exist, to be located - inanimate object
ある (-u)
to know
しる (-u)
to go
いく (-u)
to eat
たべる (-ru)
to drink
のむ (-u)
to go to bed, to sleep
ねる (-ru)
to see, to look, to watch
みる (-ru)
to go home, to return
かえる (-ru)
to read
よむ (-u)
to come, to get, to become
くる (irr.)
to walk
あるく (-u)
to play
あそぶ (-u)
to meet
あう (-u)
to enter
はいる (-u)
to begin
はじまる (-u)
to take
かかる (-u)
to write
かく (-u)
to buy
かう (-u)
to listen
きく (-u)
to wait
まつ (-u)
to have
もつ (-u)
to learn
ならう (-u)
to send
おくる (-u)
to think
おもう (-u),
かんがえる (-ru)
to swim
およぐ (-u)
to sit
すわる (-u)
to stand
たつ (-u)
to stop
とまる (-u)
to arrive
つく (-u)
to sell
うる (-u)
to sing
うたう (-u)
to understand
わかる (-u)
to laugh
わらう (-u)
to hang
かける (-ru)
to teach
おしえる (-ru)
to speak
はなす (-u)
to wear
きる (-ru)
to get off
おりる (-ru)
to believe
しんじる (-ru)
to open
あける (-ru)
to give
あげる (-ru)
to go out
でる (-ru)
to run
はしる (-u)
to need
いる (-u)
to limit
かぎる (-u)
to cut
きる (-u)
to chatter
しゃべる (-u)