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this/ this +noun (close to speaker)
sore/ sono
that/ that + noun (close to person u are talking to)
kore wa ikura desu ka
how much is this watch?
sore wa ikura desu ka
how much is this watch?
are wa watashi no pen.
that (over there) is my pen.
kore wa watashi no pen desu.
this is my pen.
sore wa watashi no pen desu.
that pen is mine.
dore/ dore ,ga
which, which + ga,noun
dore desu ka
which one is it?
dore ga anata no pen desu ka.
which is your pen?
kono tokee wa ikura desu ka
how much is this watch?
sono tokee wa ikura desu ka
how much is that watch
sono tokee wa sanzen desu.
that watch is 3000 yen
ano tokee wa sanzengohyaku en desu.
that watch over there is 3500 yen
dono tokee ga sanzengohyaku en desu ka
which watch is 3500 yen?
kore wa dare no kaban desu ka.
whose bag is this?
sore wa Suu san no kaban desu.
that is Sue's bag.
koko (place)
here, near me
soko (place)
there, near you
over there
doko (place)
sumimasen, yuubinkyoku wa doko desu ka
excuse me, where is the post office?