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Ano hito wa dare desu ka
Who's that person over there?
Dono hito desu ka
Which person
(pointing) Ano hito desu
(pointing) That person over there
Ano hito wa Aoyagi san desu
That person is Miss Aoyagi
Aoyagi san wa daigakusei desu ka
Is Miss Aoyagi a university student?
Iie, Aoyagi san wa sensei desu
No, Miss Aoyagi is a teacher
Koukou no sensei desu ka
A high school teacher?
elementary school
Sono hito wa donata desu ka
Who is that person?
sono hito wa BURAON san desu ka
That person is Mr Brown
BURAON san wa atarashii sensei desu ka
Is Mr. Brown a new teacher?
Iie, BURAON san wa atarashii seito no goryoushin desu. Bengoshi desu
No, Mr Brown is a parent of a new student. He's a lawyer
Aa wakarimashita. BURAON san no kodomo wa atarashii seito desu
Oh I understand. Mr Brown's child is a new student
Hai, sono hito wa JOSHU desu. BURAON san no kodomo desu
Yes, that person is Josh. He's Mr. Brown's child