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What are some typical Japanese wind instruments?
shakuhachi,fue(flute),hichiriki(double reed), sho.
What is Shinto, and why is it important in Japan?
hundres of kami(sacred spirits) representing aspects of nature and ancestors example: Amaterasu kami of the sun, ancestress of the Imperial Household of Japan.
What are some general features of Japanese music?
-Pitch and scales, like western music pythagorian system. the notes are put in pitch sequence. Min-yo scales (pentatonic)
-Timbre use nonpitch sounds in the music, like breathy sound from shakuhachi bamboo flute, waterflowing or trees whispering.
What is shamisen and what is its role in Japanese music?
Used to accompany the narrator for bunraku(puppet drama) also used to accompany MINYO= folk song, KOUTA= short song (sung by geishas) simialar to a banjo but only 3 strings, strumed by bambo tool.
What is the shakuhachi and how is it related to Zen Buddhism?
Flute, shaku=foot & hachi=1/8". It is used as a meditation. Komuso- masterless samurai turned monks.
What is the koto and what genres of music is it used for?
"Japan's piano" large repertoire of solos and chamber ensemble. Children especially girls are taught koto.
What is taiko and what is its significance in contemporary Japanese and Japanese-American culture?
"drum" or "great drum"
-used to motivate troops
-drum are also used in shinto shrines
drumming used to celebrate a successful harvest.
-"New Tradition"
-SF Taiko Dojo
-Today Taiko symbol of ethnic pride
What is karaoke?
A form of entertainment, it's cheaper than hiring a geisha for entertainment. "With out orchrastra."