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Ii desu ka.
Ii desu you.
Is it all right?

Yes, it's fine (I assure you).
Ii desu ka.
Do you mind?

Go right ahead.
Takai desu ka.
Iie, yasui desu yo.
Is it expensive?

No, it's cheap (I assure you).
Totemo omosiroi desu yo. Simasen ka.
Arigatoo gozaimasu.
It's a lot of fun. Won't you play (do it)?

Thank you.
Omosirokatta desu ka.
Maa-maa desu nee.
Was it interesting?

Kaimasita ka.
Ee. Takakatta desu yo.
Did you buy it?

Yes. It was expensive (I inform you).
Dekimasita ka.
Ee, dekimasita.

Yokatta desu ne!
(Has it become) finished?

Yes, (it has become) finished.

Takai desu ka.
Ie, amari takaku nai desu yo.
Is it expensive?

No, it's not very expensive (I assure you).
Yoku nai desu nee.
Ee. Komarimasita nee.
It's not good, is it!

That's right. We've got a problem, haven't we!
Yoku dekimasu nee.
Ieie, doo itasimasite.
You're good at that, aren't you!

Oh no! (Don't mention it.)
Amari omosiroku nakatta desu nee.
Ee, tumaranakatta desu nee.
It wasn't very interesting, was it!

That's right. It was boring, wasn't it!
Asita ikimasu yo.
Yoku ikimasu nee.

Ee, maa.
Say, I'm going (there) tomorrow.

You go there often, don't you!

Yes, I guess I do.