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Kyoo simasu ne?
Iya, tigaimasu. Asita simasu yo.
You'll do it today--right?

No (it's different). I'll do it tomorrow.
Tukurimasita ne?
Hai. Kinoo tukurimasita.
You made it--right?

Yes. I made it yesterday.
Asita kimasen ne?
Iya, kimasu yo.
You're not coming tomorrow--right?

No, I am coming.
Simasen ka.
Won't you do it/play?

I'm afraid not.
Nomimasen ka.
Arigatoo gozaimasu. Itadakimasu.
Won't you have (drink) some?

Thank you. I will (accept).
Ikimasita ne?
Iie, ikimasen desita.
You went--right?

No, I didn't (go).
Sumimasen. Wakarimasen desita.
Wakarimasen desita ka.

Ee. Doo mo sumimasen.
I'm sorry. I didn't understand.

You didn't (understand)?

That's right. I'm very sorry.