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South China in the early 19th Cantury was inundated with opium from which country?
Great Britain
The qing governments efforts to end the opium trade in the 1830's resulted in a war with?
The leader of the Taiping Rebellion, considered himself to be on a missio0n from God. He believed he was?
God's younger son
The most powerful political figure in China after 1860 was?
The Empress Dowager
The Boxer Rebellion was?
An anti-foreign uprising
What movement helped create Chinese Nationalism?
May 4th Movement
The leader of the KMT after the death of Sun Yatsen was?
Chaing Kai-Shek
The CCP's Long March occured in what year?
March 1934
Japan was reopened to the outside world in the 1850s by which country?
The United States
The Meiji Reforms were not accepted by who?
The Samurai's
The process in Japan of the government creating & devloping business and then selling the at bargain rates is called?
Japan became a world power in 1905 with the defeat of?
The Japanese attacked Peal Haobor in December 1941 because?
The US was the one country that could stop the Japanese from taking over the Asia & the Pacific.
In WWII there were two major theaters. What were they?
The European Theater
The Pacific Theater
The turning point against the germaens cime in 1943 at the battle of?
D-Day, the British/American invasion of europe, occurred in?
June of 1944
In June of 1942, the Americans stopped the Japanese navy and insured an American victory in the Pacific at the battle of?
The Coral Sea
to defend their homeland, the Japanese military used suicide planes called?
What two cites had the only two nuclar devices ever used dropped on them?
What was the German "blitzkrieg"?
Lightening War