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Why did China value Vietnam?
Because they were good sailors.
What are these: Samurai, Artisans, Peasants, Merchants?
These are the Shohgnate social classes from highest to lowest.
What is the Japenese cultural achievement that was not borrowed from the Chinese?
Noh Drama.
Who wrote the book Tales of the Genji?
Lady Murasaki
Why was the sea important to the Japan. Give three reasons.
Food, Transportation, and protection.
What is a regent?
A regent is a government role that acts as a represenative of the emperor.
What form of Buddhism stressed an afterlife in paradise?
Pure Land Buddhism
What religion was banned by the Tokugawa Shgunate?
Who were poor and lived in miserable crowded huts.
Who were the nobels who swore loyalty to the Shogun?
What conrtibuted to Japan's isolation?
The sea
The court at Kyoto was known for what social quality?
What religion had nature the center of their religion?
What power of the clans was reduced by these reforms?
Taika reforms
What was Japans greatest natural resource?
The Sea