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What amino acid is represented by the RNA codon UUU?
How many amino acids make up protein?
What are nucleotides composed of?
Ribose sugar, phosphate and a nitrogen base.
What is Semiconservative replication?
The process in which the original strands of DNA remain intact and act as templates for the synthesis of duplicate strands of DNA.
What kind of environmental factors can cause uncomplementary notrogen bases to become paired?
Hazardous chemicals and radiation.
What contains nitrogen and can be linked together to form proteins?
Amino acids
An _____ is a catalyst that speeds up the rate of _______ reactions.
An enzyme is a catalyst that speeds up the rate of metabolic reactions.
Approximately how many genes does each human chromosome contain?
10 000
RNA has no thymine, what other nitrogen base works in its place?
Once the protein molecule has been built and the process of translation is complete, what turns the synthesis off?
A terminator codon turns synthesis off.
What can cause changes in DNA? and give some examples.
Mutagenic agents like cosmic rays, X rays, ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals.
Why are mutagenic agents particularly dangerous for pregnant women?
Because a mutation in the baby would be coded into the DNA of every succeeding cell of the body and be repeated billions of times.
Since we have oncogenes in our normal cells, why dont we all have cancer?
These cancer causing genes are harmless when they are near their regulator genes and kept under control.
What form of biological weaponry was developed for World War II by North America and England?
They researched and tested the deadly anthrax bacteriem, which affects both cattle and humans.
What does the principle of segregation state?
in Meiosis, two alleles separate so that each gamete receives only one form of the gene.