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What made King Henrey the eighthall a king good be?
Hansome, smart, athletic,composer, women loved him.
-horse back riding
What age did henry become king at?
ends in 7
What did divine right mean?
Divine right= god given right to rule, beleive god gave authority to kings
How did Henry meet Catheinge of Aragon and how lone were they married?
Catherine Of Aragon was Henry's brothers widow. 20 years
marrage before?
What is the childrean situation wiht Cathering of ARagon and Henrey?
Catherine has many kida only one servive. Mary Tudor, Henry needed a son, Gets a divorce.
Who does Henry divorce Catherine of ARagon for?
Anne Beleyn
The sun will come out tomarrow
Why did the Pope deny divorce form May Tudor? And what does Henry do?
Because he knew he was doing it for anne Beleyn and she was Prodastane, and doesn't aprove because hes Catholic. Henry makes he own church called the Church of England or hte Anglican Church. Makes himslef pope and gets divorce
How long Anne Boleyn Henry married for?
3 years
Did Henry and Anne boleyn have a child>
yes, elizabeth 1, one and only child
What happened when Henry asked for a divorce with Anne Bloleyn?
henry wanted a male, and wanted to divorce, Anne, she revused she wanted her daugheter to be queen. Henry accued her of being unfailthful and high treson, she was beheaded
What happeneed in the tower of london?
Only important people were there, they were beheaded.
How did tipping begin?
Theuy gave the executioner money so they would have one clean seep to chop the head off. Not choppy
Who did Henry marry after Anne Boleyn? Did they have chldren?
Jane seymour and the have a son Edward VI
jane ed
Describe Edward?Death? Crowned?
EDeward was not atheltic and liked to read and write. He becomes kinga at 10.
one minister kiss dog. WDward execlutes him.
Hes 15 dies of small pox
read rwrite.
king at...
small pox?
How long does Jane Swymour live after Edward is born
Who becomes queen after Edward?
Jane is rushed to thrown
How does Jane (not seymorur) get the nick name bloody marry?
Because all of the Cathelokcs rush her to rbing back CAthlick and she satarts killing all of the prodistanes
Why do the prodistanes get even more angry at Mary?
She marries kinda of spain, Phillip
What does "chip off the old balock mean"
Elizabeth was just like her father, Henry
What about Elizabthe's love life?
Shes married to england.
Loves Duddly
King Phillip of spain wants to marry her
How long does Elizabeth rule for?when doess she start
starts at 25 rules for 38 years
What are treasure fleets??
giant ships bringing gold silver and riches for 50 years
what does spain get money from?
who did spain get the mon ey from besides colonies?
What are English sea dogs
shipss that attack the treasure fleets and brings the riches to Queen Elizabeth to split
What does heretic mean?
trader or treason agains religonand get beheaded.
what does privateers mean
pirate business men
what does convogs mean
war ships that protect the ships sailing in atlantice
what questino does Drake always ask before he enters England?
does the queen live?
Who deos Elizabeth dub a nite
Drake, on his ship the golden hind
What are the three sea dogs
sir francis drak
sir john
sir walter Elegh
what are three reasons Phillip hates Elizabeth
1. Marrage
2. Prodatin vs. Catholic
Dubbing Drake Knight