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Name the four causes of the War of 1812.
freedom of the seas, impressment, probelms with Native Americans, and war hawks in Congress.
Who were war hawks?
People in Congress who supported war with Britain.
What was the slogan of the war hawks?
On to Canada
Name three war hawks and where they are from.
Andrew Jackson=Tennesse
James C. Calhoun=Carolina
Henry Clay=Kentucky
What was our greatest victory?
Battle of New Orleans
What was the sad thing about the Battle of New Orleans?
We killed British soliders for nothing b/c the Treaty of Ghent had been signed two weeks before
When is the last time we fight Britain?
War of 1812
What are the results of the War of 1812?
-Britain respects U.S.neutrality
-end of the Federalists party
-Alabama and Mississippi open white settlement
-two war heroes became Presidents
The War of 1812 was also called _______________.
the 2nd war for American independence
What two war heroes became president?
Andrew Jackson and William Harrison
What is Andrew Jackson's nickname?
Old Hickory
How many British soliders were killed in the Battle of New Orleans?
What battle is Jackson known for?
Battle of New Orleans
What battle is Harrison known for?
Battle of Tippecanoe