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What is ground water?
water that seeps into the soil
What is surface water?
water that flows over the surface
Where is surface water found?
lakes, rivers and streams
What is zone of saturation
the lower layer of soil that has all pore spaces filled with water
What is zone of aeration
the upper layer of soil that has pore spaces filled with water and air
What is pore space
spaces between soil particles
What is the water table
the boundary that separates the zone of saturation and the zone of aeration
5 steps ground water takes
1- water seeps into ground
2- water hits rock and can't go farther
3- water fills the pore spaces
4- lower layer of soil becomes filled with water
5- upper layer of soil is filled with water and air
What is the head of stream
beginning of a stream where a channel is cut into the land
What is the mouth of stream
the point at which the stream empties into another body of water
What is the stream channel
course along which the stream flows
What is a delta
a flat plain created by the sediment dropped at the streams mouth
which soil has more space - clay or sand?
sand because in our experiment we poured water on top of both and it seeped through the sand but not the clay
What is the difference between ground water and surface water?
Ground water is fresh water hidden underground. Surface water is fresh water that comes from lakes and streams.
4 steps to getting water from a well
1- drill hole deep into ground
2-put a plastic or steel pipe into hole
3-attach an electric pump to the pipe
4-pump will push water upward through pipeinto home
How do utility companies clean water?
-add chemicals
-remove the sediment
-bubble air into it to make it fresh
What is erosion?
water wearing away rock and soil
What is the water cycle?
-sun heats water
-water turns to ags called water vapor and rises(evaporation)
-as goes higher -gets colder- turns back to liquid
-water drops stick together and form cloud (condensation)
-precipitation - rain, sleet or snow