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Ecology begins with Earth's only energy
the sun
Energy from the sun is stored in
Energy is stored in glucose's
chemical bonds
The organisms the produce energy through glucose are called?
These organisms feed on these producers
Only _____ % of energy is transferred to the consumers
The energy that is not transferred from the producers to the consumers is released as_______
Heat is released during the process of _________
cellular respiration
A _______ includes all organisms
________ is a region with characteristic climate, soil, and biological ________
Biome - communities
Soil and water are examples of ____factors in a _______
abiotic - ecosystem
A group of organisms of the same species living in the same place make up a ________
If a population produces at a constant rate _______ occurs which makes a ____ shaped graph.
exponential growth - "j"
When resources are limited ____ growth occurs making a ____ shaped graph.
logistic - "s"
Which three cycles keep nutrients flowing?
water, carbon, nitrogen
What does the nitrogen cycle rely on to fix nitrogen gas into usable nitrates?
The carbon cycle includes _____ _______ and its opposite _________ .
cellular respiration - photosynthesis
Intersactions where both organisms benefit is _______ .
Interactions where a benefiting organism lives on or near another organism is called __________.
______ includes parasites stealing nutrients from _____.
Parasitism - hosts
Photosynthesis, respiration, and decomposition are examples of _____ process in the carbon cycle.
The release of CO2 to the atmosphere by volcanoes is an example of _____ process.
Total amount of living tissue with in a given tropic level
What does a pryamid number show?
relative number of individual organisms
What are the levels of organization?
Species, Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biome
WHat is the biome covering most of northern europe?
Temperate forest
Which biome has the largest difference between wettest and dryest months?
Dry forest
When an ecological disturbance removes all the soil...
Primary succession
When an ecological disturbance kills most life in an area but does not remove the soil...
Scondary succession
____ are a good pioneer species.