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Why would they kill indians
so htey could take their land
Who was Wintrhop Jordan?
He wrote a book called, "White over Black"
Who was a Planner?
a person with 20 or more slaves
Who was an Overseer?
Ran the slaves
who was a driver
a black slvae incharge of the workers
what was the cash crop?
Characteristics of a slave in the city
*ate same food as masters
*Nice CLothes
*Traveled with the masters
Who was ANdrew Jacson
hewas a very powerful President, the first president from the west, symbol of the common man,
What was the "kitchen cabinent"
Group of Jacksons friends that he referred to for his support
What was the Tarrif of 1828
- Reffered to as the "Tariff of Aboniations" by S.C, Repulsive
Charleston Mercury
1829, written by Calhoun
Peggy O'Neill Eaton Affair
1830, "coffee, tea, or me", caused the entire cabinent to resign
Great Debate
1830, Lasted 9 days between Hayne and Webster
Force Bill
1832, gives leeway for presidnet to invade a state, never signed but teases states
Compromise Tarrif
1833, written by Clay, and solved all problems
What was the National Bank reffered to as, and by who?
"The Monster", Jackson
Who was Nicholas Biddle?
President of National Bank
What does Biddle do?
Ties Clay and WEbster to the bank and then Clay renews the charter for 20 years
How did Jackson "rob" the bank?
ordered the National Treasurer to take money out of the bank
Who was Tanney?
became the new trasuer, and he emptied the bank
Where did all of the bank money go?
to pet banks
what are pet banks?
private banks located in TN and KT
What was another name of Pet banks?
Wildcat Banks
What is the Specie Circular
1836, announcement saying if you wanted land you had to pay in silver and gold
What Caused the Panic of 1837?
THe specie Circular
How long did the Panic of 1837 last?
7 Years
What is the Independant Treasury System?
Created by Van Buren and Tyler, the depository didnt loan money and disappeared in 1844
What is the National Bank Act?
What is the Treaty of Holston?
Where the Shawnee Indians gave up land in 1798
Cherokee Nation vs. GA
1831, Cherokees try to prove their a nation
Worchester vs. GA
Sam Worchester was thrown in jail for trying to deliver the world of God to the Indians, 1832
What is the Indian Removal Act?
1830, Trail fo Tears, when Indians moved to OK
What is the Election of 1836?
Vanburen Wins, the Whigs were creataed
What is the Election of 1840
Log Cabain Campaign, Shortest Presidency, etc
Maizville Road Veto
Jacksons most famous veto, Gibbs V. Augdon
Anti- Masonic Party
the first 3rd party in the US