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what can an lvn do with a central line?
sterile dressing change ONLY
what can an lvn do with a peripheral line?
insert, access, flush
what kind of bag can an lvn hang?
blood/blood products, nutritional
what CAN'T an lvn hang?
medication, abx
why are blood transfusions given?
to improve
1) o2 carrying capacity
2) immunity
3) clotting factors
4) volume
is consent required to receive blood?
yes, but only 1 consent form is required in chart for entire stay.
what items are included in the inspection process?
1) chart
2) iv site
3) bag and slip
not all blood products need to be run thru filtered tubing? t/f?
false. ALL blood products must be filtered.
what extra steps are taken with immunocompromised pt's?
2ndary filter - palls filter. filters wbc's.
what needle size is used for blood transfusions?
18 or larger
universal donor
universal recipient
what about a and b
accept their own and o only
what is "whole blood"
unprocessed blood
what is ffp
fresh frozen plasma = protein rich fluid in the blood
draws water to itself -> improves volume
1st s/sx of fluid overload
respiratory crackles
2nd s/sx of fluid overload
increased bp
late sign of fluid overload
peripheral edema
actions req'd when pt has xfusion reaction
1) STOP xfusion
2) remove tubing
3) flush sl c ns
4) assess pt
5) ensure pt safety
6) notify dr & blood bank
what is plasmanate?
NOT blood product
no filter reqd
5% albumin
aka albuminate
considered nutrition -> lvn CAN hang