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preceeded theatres in Elizabethan era, took place in the yards of Inns - alcohol, raised platforms, backstage space.
bear and bull-baiting rings
spectator sports with circular arenas built for gambling on bears that were tied and tortured by dogs
James Burbage
carpenter that built the Theatre
built what?
The Theatre 1576
first permanent theatre in England, raised platform, galleries
Richard Burbage
first what? originated what?
1st famous actor in England, son of James, originated Othello, Richard III, Hamlet and Lear
Johannes de Witt Sketch
Sketch of the swan and other theatres that gave insight into how the globe was built
The Swan
theatre in Elizabethan Era that preceeded the Globe
The Globe
Theatre that housed shakespeare's plays - burnt and was rebuilt and then torn down later. Rebuilt in 1997
The heavens
hidden from audience, place where rigging for flying machines / balconies
where commoners would stand to watch the play
Tiring house
backstage area for changing
inner stage / discovery space / inner below
place hidden from the audience for inner scenes
clowns / fools

2 people
William Kempe and Richard Tarleton - danced jigs
dances sung with words over them
Blackfriars theatre

used to be what?
Private (indoors) used to be an old monastery, then boys theatre groups played there, and later Shakespeare's Kings Men played there. Exempt from city law - religious property
Inigo Jones

and similar to?
collaborated with?
designed theatres and court masques, similar to Serlio, collaborated with Ben Johnson
court masques
elaborate specatacles in indoor theatres
University Wits
marlowe, kyd, lyly, and greene
spanish playing spaces b/t two houses in a yard - aka spanish innyards
spanish version of pit - standing area
benches before stage
la cazuela
rear seating area
Lope De Vega

and first what?
first spanish playwright to earn a living, wrote 1200 plays 750 survive
interludes between plays
Pedro Calderon de La Barca
wrote relgious plays, court plays, myths - a priest and writer
autos sacramentales
religious plays related to the sacraments - for corpus christi
spanish pageant wagon - 2 stories had hidden area
point of honor - no gray area b/t morality and honor, nobody is innocent, justice/vengeance
Le Cid

first what?
1st modern french drama about a man who kills fiancee's father - based on a spanish epic, but french academy deemed it not in values of france
hotel de burgogne

first permanent french theatre
Theatre du Marais
rival of burgogne, converted tennis court burnt down and was rebuilt
Moliere, aka Poquelin

director of what troupe
director of Bejart troupe, great playwright, adaptations of commedia
Sir William Davenant

1) personal life
2) did what to avoid what
3) persuaded who to do what
4) formed what company
playwright, shakespeare's godson? did opera to circumvent law, persuaded king to grant monopoly to just 2 companies, formed the Duke's Company, adapatations of shakespeare in the 1660s
Dukes' Company

first professional company in england to act in a theatre equipped with changable scenery
Thomas Killigrew

what company?
child actor, then courtier, got a royal patent for his group, Kings Company, not a good businessman
King's Company
actors who had performed pre-English Civil War, performed in coverted tennis courts and then moved into the Theatre Royal, had rights to major prewar dramas
Lincoln's Inn Fields

who performed here
former tennis court, used first by Duke's company, then by King's company, then back to tennis court, thn later 1400 seat theatre.
Drury Lane Theatre (aka theatre Royal)

who performed here
There have been 4 since 1663, Killigrew's company performed here, fire, got bigger, seen as too plain, david garrick ran it at one point, had forestage
Dorset Garden Theatre

who performed here
Davenant / Duke's Men played here, had a music room
Nell Gwynn
orange seller to the King, was onstage, had an affair with the king + bore him a child, women onstage at this time
Charles Macklin

first what?
fist naturalistic actor, approached roles more thoughtfully, also an acting teacher, major role - Shylock
David Garrick
manager, actor, playwright, director, managed the Drury Lane for many years, also adapted many of shakespeares plays
Phillipe de Loutherbourg
scene painter that brought realisms to the stage, created cut outs, real storm effects
Theatre Licensing act of 1737
prevented acting for hire/reward/gain in theatres not accepted by parliament, restricted authorized theatres to westminister - so only 2 theatres could exist - drury and covenant garden b/c fed up with pol. satire
originated by Colley Cibber's portrayal of Lord Foppington, this word is for a stock character who is vain and pompous
vizard masks
masks worn by women in restoration, later became a symbol of prostitution
Sarah Siddons
19th Cent. Theatre - sister of john kemble famous touring actress- great lady macbeth
John Phillip Kemble
actor, manager, playwright - acted @ drury lane, then covenant garden, stiff actor, forerunner to director, helped rebuild covent garden after fire
William Capon
designed covent garden, authentic
designed what
Edmund Kean
spirit of romanticism, played othello, debut at covent garden, alcoholic
charles kean

what kind of actor?
first to?
son of edmund, actor manager, not as good as edmund, historical accuracy, first to use focused limelight, wooden actor
Ira Alderige
started with african theatre succeeded kean, early psychological realist
succeeded who?
early what?
African Grove
pleasure garden - drinks + entertainment in US, later became african theatre
Mme Vestris

major firsts/achievements
innovator of theatrical representation, intro box set, ran olympic theatre, covenant garden
box set
furnished stage rooms with every accessory, just like real life
Charles Macready
famed english actor, failed manager, forced to stage, though wanted to be a lawyer, famous for pauses, tour in US sparked astor place riot
Edwin Forrest

first what?
first great american born actor, large man, hissed at macready playing macbeth part of astor place riots
astor place
23 dead, many injured - too many tickets given to nativist sympathizers, chairs thrown at maccready in 3rd act, 15,000 protestors, militia showed up class conflict
Augustin Daly
had a company at Fifth Avenue, later madison square theatre, theatre manager and playwright
david belasco
had attention to detail, 6500 river effect
henry irving

first what
first knighted actor, famous in victorian era
edwin booth
greatest american actor? younger brother killed lincoln
charles kean
son of edmund, great tragic actor
saxe-meningen company
started by a duke, experimental theatre co 1866, anticipated the method
augustin daly FOR REAL

first what?
first american director, autocratic manager, playwright, also theatre critic, talent developer
Richard Wagner
using musical and spectacle, concern for unity and theme as well as gesamtkunstwerk - total work of art ,
Bayreuth Festpielhause
festival theatre for vagner, good acoustics germany
naturalism, who did it
zola, gorky, environment and characters intertwined, kitchen-sink drama, photography
ibsen, is a performance "real"? proposes social problem, solution
Independent Theatre Movement
small theatres, realistic portrayal of life, andre antoine, stanislav, dachenko
andre antoine
ran theatre libre (free), did zola, slice of life plays
actor director teacher, method acting
vladmir dachenko
moscow art theatre w/ stanislav. recreation of life of the play, dramaturg, mXAt
max reinhardt
character actor and director, most celebrated euro director, worked in hollywood and broadway
edward gordon craig
brit. theorist, director designer, non-naturalistic theatre, wrote the Art of the Theatre, abstract theatre use of light, moveable screens
adolphe appia
lighting designer, symbolic sets created institute at hellerau
Robert edmund jones
set and costume designer, dramatic imagination writer, designed for eugene o'neil and provincetown players
externalization of an inner reality, inner mind or pyschological study, emotion, cause and effect minimized, abstract
theorist, alienation formed berliner ensemble, communist, berliner ensemble and epic theatre with helen weigel
antonin artaud
surrealist movement, words < spirituality, physical, mystical, ritual, director is author