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Who is responsible for ensuring that the Request Fulfillment process is being performed according to the agreed and documented process?
The Process Owner
An IT department is under pressure to cut costs. As a result, the quality of services has started to suffer. What imbalance does this represent?
Extreme focus on cost
Major Incidents require:
Separate procedures
What do Service Metrics measure?
The end to end service
The MAIN purpose of the Service Portfolio is to describe services in terms of
Business Value
What BEST describes the aims of Release and Deployment Management?
To build, test and deliver the capability to provide the services specified by Service Design and that will accomplish the stakeholders requirements and deliver the intended objectives
What are valid examples of business value measures?
Customer retention, Time to Market, and Market Share
A Service Owner is responsible for?
Continual improvement of the service
What is correct about patterns of demand generated by the customer's business?
They are driven by patterns of business activity
What is the main reason for establishing a Baseline?
For later comparison
What are the characteristics of every process?
It is measurable
It is delivers a specific result
It responds to a specific event
It delivers its primary results to a customer or stakeholder
Why should monitoring and measuring be used when trying to improve services?
To validate, direct, justify and intervene
The goal of Service Asset and Configuration Management is to?
Implement ITIL across the organization
The BEST definition of an event is?
An occurrence that is significant for the management of the IT infrastructure or delivery of services
Incident Management has a value to the business by?
Contributing to the reduction of impact of service outages
What areas would technology help to support during the Service Design phase of the Lifecycle?
Hardware and Software design
Environmental design
Process design
Data design
What is NOT an objective of Service Operation?
Thorough testing to ensure that services are designed to meet business needs
What is NOT an example of a Service Request?
A user calls the Service Desk because they would like to change the functionality of an application.
What is CORRECT of all processes?
They create value for stakeholders.
What is a good metric for measuring the effectiveness of Service Level Management?
Customer satisfaction score
One organization provides and manages an entire business process or function for another organization. This is known as:
Business Process Outsourcing
Which of the following statements is CORRECT for every process?

1. It delivers its primary results to a customer or stakeholder
2. It defines activities that are executed by a single function
1 only
What is the BEST description of an Operational Level Agreement?
An agreement between the service provider and another part of the same organization.
What provides resources to resolve operational and support issues during Release and Deployment?
Early Life Support
When can a Known Error record be raised?

1. At any time it would be useful to do so
2. After the permanent solution has been implemented
1 only
A service is not very reliable, but when it works it is of great value to the customer. This combination could be described as:
High Utility and Low Warranty
What is the CORRECT definition of a Release Unit?
The portion of a service or IT infrastructure that is normally released together
What is NOT an aim of the Change Management process?
To deliver and manage IT services at agreed levels to business users
A single Release unit, or a structured set of Release units can be defined within:
A Release Package
Which processes review Underpinning Contracts on a regular basis?
Supplier Management and Service Level Management
5 courses of ITIL
Service Strategy Processes
Service Design Processes
Service Transition Processes
Service Operation Processes and Functions
Continual Service Improvement Processes
Service Strategy
Service Strategy
Demand Management
Service Portfolio Management
Financial Management
Service Design Processes
Service Level Management
Service Catalogue Management
Availability Management
Information Security Management
Supplier Management
Capacity Management
IT Services Continuity Management
Service Transition Processes
Change Management
Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)
Release Deployment Management
Service Operation Processes and Functions
PROCESSES: Event Management
Incident Management
Request Fulfillment
Problem Management
Access Management
FUNCTIONS: Service Desk
Technical Management
IT Operations Management
Application Management
Continual Service Improvement Processes
7-Step Improvement Process
Fit for Purpose
Fit for Use
Utility + Warranty
Service Portfolio
Contains information relating to each service and its status within the organization and the Service Lifecycle. The Service Portfolio includes Service Pipeline, Service Catalogue, and Retired Services
Service Management
A set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services
7 R's of Change Management
Who RAISED the change?
What is the REASON for the change?
What is the RETURN required from the change?
What are the RISKS involved in the change?
What RESOURCES are required to deliver the change?
Who is RESPONSIBLE for the build, test, and implementation of the change?
What is the RELATIONSHIP between this change and other changes?
Service V-Model
Builds in service validation and testing early in the Service Lifecycle
Deming Cycle
Need to Measure
7-Step Improvement Process
Define what you should measure
Define what you can measure
Gather the data
Process the data
Analyze the data
Present and use the information
Implement corrective actions