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What are the key words for Configuration Management?
Logical model
What is the mission statement?
The are two parts:
Configuration Management maintains the logical model in a database through a process of identification, control, status accounting and verification.
Configuration management drives standards within the IT infrastructure.
What are the parts of Configuration Management?
Identification, control, status accounting, verification
What is the responsibility of Configuration Control?
Manage registration, acceptance and installation of CIs
What is an attribute?
The particular qualities of a Configuration Item unique to only that CI.
What is a variant?
A CI that is only slightly different from the original CI and requires a minimal record change.
What is the difference between a CMDB and an asset database?
A CMDB maintains the relationship of CIs.
What is status accounting?
Status Accounting reports on the state and relationship of CIs within the IT Infrastructure
When should the CMDB database be audited?
Audit before and after major Releases and Changes.
Audit at regular intervals.
Audit after a recovery from disaster
What are some of the benefits of Configuration Management?
• Provides a sound foundation for all of Service Delivery and Service Support.
• Maintains the relationship between the components of IT infrastructure.
• Provides and maintains accurate information on infrastructure configuration.