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What are the key words for Continuity Management?
Continuous and agreed upon levels of service.
What is the mission statement?
Provide, continuous and agreed upon levels of service, during a major disruption, that ensures continuance of business operations
What is the terminology associated with CRAMM
and Continuity?
Risk, Threat, Vulnerability, Countermeasure
What are the levels of recovery and their definition?
• Gradual recovery – which is seventy-two hours or greater. Which may have an alternative computer room but no servers.
• Intermediate recovery – which is 24 hours to 72 hours. Has an alternative computer room with servers, but no data.
• Immediate recovery – which is less then 24 hours, which is instantaneous to 24 hours where you have potentially, a complete, duplicated data center
What are some of the key benefits of continuity.
• Reduced insurance rates
• Saves the business in times of disaster.
• Faster and smoother crisis management.
• Meets and documents adherence to regulatory requirements.
• Competitive advantage.