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What is Vhayu?
Tick data processor/server. Unbinned tick data. Fixed record "database". Ultra high volume.
What is an NSIN?
A stock identifier issued by a particular country.
What is an ISIN?
An international stock id formed by a combination of a two character country code + an NSIN and a check digit.
What is the SEDOL?
Stock Exchange Daily Official List. Entries are the NSIN's for Great Britain stocks.
What is a CUSIP
Stock ID for US and Canada. Equivalent to the CINS internationally.
What is a CINS identifier?
An extension of the CUSIP for use in international stocks. Can be a bridge to the ISIN.
What is a Valoren number?
Security IDs in Switzerland. Equivalent to CUSIP in US & Canada.
What is a RIC?
A Reuters Instrument Code. A ticker like code to identify financial instruments, not just stocks. Examples: IBM.N (IBM on NYSE), IBMq.L (IBM on London exchange, US10YT (US 10 year Treasury note), .DJI (Dow Jones Average), and many more.
What is QD?
Quote Distributor
Explain server indirection in the MD API
Data requests are grouped into categories. Each category of data is associated with a server. The table is "DbServerType" in the database "WorkDb".