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Can a CPO serve as a inquiry officer? If so, what would be your role?
You may serve as a (PIO) preliminary inquiry officer. However you will only investigate relatively minor offenses
What is the purpose of a report chit?
Report chits are reports of offenses involving military conduct or justice
What is NAVPERS 1626/7 used for?
Charges and specifications are typed on NAVPERS 1626/7
What pages allow you to see what a NAVPERS 1626/7 form looks like?
You can see what a NAVPERS 1626/7 form looks like on pages 2-2 and 2-3
What UCMJ article lists your rights?
Your rights are under article 31(b) of the UCMJ
What will provide the best source of info about the accused?
Statements given by supervisors, peers, and the accused provide the best source of information about the accused
What is real evidence in a theft case?
Real evidence is a physical object such as a knife, or a stolen camera in a theft case
Describe what documentary evidence is.
Documentary evidence would be patrol reports, log books, watch bills, service records, local instructions, or organizational manuals
What must be done before the accused is questioned?
Before the accused is questioned, have them sign the knowledgement line on the front page of the report chit and initial any attached pages.
When can you question the accused?
You may only question the accused if he or she has knowingly and intelligently waived their statutory right
Descibe the USN REgualations.
The United States Navy Regulations is the principle regulatory document of the Department of the Navy
Whose responsibility is it to maintain Navy Regs?
The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) is responsible for maintaining Navy Regulations
Who must approve all changes to Navy Regs?
The Secretary of the Navy must approve all changes to Navy Regulations
What regualtion deals with authority over subordinates?
1021: Authority over subordinates
Regualtion 1022 deals with what?
1022: Delegation of authority
REgualtion 1024 states that you must follow the first order given in a series of presribe orders. T/F
False - 1024: Contradictory and Conflicting Orders, always follow the last order given
Article 1033 gives authority to command a sea to the senior line office. T/F
True- 1033: Authority in a boat is given to the senior line officer eligible for command at sea
What article deals with authority of a Sentry?
1038: Authority of a Sentry
What article allow you to charge interest on lent money?
1112: Lending money, you can charge interest as long as it does not exceed 18% simple interest per year
Information concerning exchange of duty is in which article?
1134: Exchange of duty
What document provides regultions and guidance governing the conduct the conduct of all members of the Navy. The publication specifies duties and responsibilities of personnel within a unit or command.
The Standard Organization and Regulations of US Navy (SORM) OPNAVIST 3120-32B
What is the normal length of EMI per day that can be given?
EMI will normally not be assigned for more than Two hours per day
Can EMI be used to deprive normal liberty?
EMI will not be used as a method of depriving normal liberty. Normal liberty may commence upon the completion of EMI.
What type of privilieges can be withhelld?
Privileges that may be temporarily withheld include special liberty, exchange of duty, special pay, special command programs, base or ship liberties, movies, command parking, and special service events.
Extending of working hours is a correct way of giving punishiment?
Extension of working hours to deprive personnel of normal liberty as punishment is illegal
When is extension of normal working hours exceptable?
• Extensions of working hours are authorized in certain situations such as pretrial restraint, or when in a foreign country when such action is deemed necessary. Working hours may also be extended to complete essential work or to achieve operational readiness.
What must all reissued uniforms have? Who must marked these clothes?
All authorized uniforms that are reissued will have a red “DC” marked on them by the Chief Master-at-Arms.
What does the SOFA define?
Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is to clearly define the status of one country’s military personnel when they are stationed in a foreign country.
What are some of the items covered by the SOFA?
Some of the topics covered by SOFA are as follows:
- Freedom of troop movements within the host country
- Passport requirements
- Criminal jurisdiction
- Taxes
- Imposition of customs duties
What is concurent jurisdiction?
The equal right of jurisdiction is called concurrent jurisdiction