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ah sì?
Ah yes?
Acqua in bocca
Silence, not a word about it
One must, it is necessary
Chiaro e tondo
Clearly and plainly
Ammazzare il tempo
Kill Time
Ci Vuole
It takes, is needed(singular)
It is advisble
Dare nell'occhio
To Attract Attention
It depends
Essere in gamba
Be in good form, be on the ball
Fare le corna
Hope for the best
Far(e) Finta di
Act as if, pretend
It is imporant
Lasiar perdere
Leave things alone
Mettere il naso
Stick one's nose into
Non si disturbi!!
Don't go to any trouble
Non vedere l'ora di
Be unable to wait
Promettere mari e monti
Make Wild Promises
Cosa ti serve?
What do you need?
Toccare a
Be someone's turn
La via d'uscita
The way out
Andare a prendere
To Pick Up
Go on! Get going!! Come on!!
Rimanere a bocca aperta
Be astonished
Tocca ferro
Knock on Wood
Venire al sodo
Come to the point