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ripetere/io ripeto
to repeat/I repeat
once more...
c'e sono/ci sono
there is/there are
vendere/io vendo
to sell/I sell
What does a vending machine do?
pagare/io pago
to pay for/I pay
Pay Gary
Lei ha...?
Do you have...?
Looking for something?
potere/io posso
to be able to/I can
Carlotta: Io non posso!
fare le valige/io faccio le valige
to pack/I pack
Dilana says PMS
mi dia...
Give me...
Me first and the...
guidare/io guido
to drive/I drive
Guido is a cabbie
scrivere/io scrivo
to write/I write
Barry Manilow did this to the songs
abitare/io abito
to reside/I reside
On the street where you...
avere bisogno di/io ho bisogno di
to need/I need
Gotta have it!
imparare/io imparo
to learn/I learn
when your teacher imparts knowledge, you do this
venire/io vengo
to come/I come
The Toadies....from the water.
chiamarsi/io mi chiamo
to be called/my name is
me llamo...
andare/io vado
to go/I go
comprare/io compro
to buy/I buy
better compare prices first
lavare/io lavo
to wash/I wash
use Lava soap
dovere/io devo
to have to/I have to/I must
if Devo tells you to whip it, then you have to!
perdere/io perdo
to lose/I lose
You'll have to search for something if you do
arrivare/io arrivo
to arrive/I arrive
No hints here
aspettare/io aspetto
to wait for/I wait for
Paula Cole doesn't want to
cambiare/io cambio
to change money/I change money
I need Euros
leggere/io leggo
to read/I read
A book about Legolas
viaggare/io viaggio
to travel/I travel
Now, Voyager!
mandare/io mando
to send/I send
Put it in the mail
partire/io parto
To leave/I leave
Parting is such sweet sorrow
dormire/io dormo
to sleep/I sleep
something you might do in a dorm
prenotare/io prenoto
to reserve/I reserve/I book
Better do this in advance
vedere/io vedo
to see/I see
Suddenly, KT Tunstall can!
andare in aereo/io vado in aereo
to fly/I fly
If you could use some exotic booze, there's a bar in far Bombay...
fare/io faccio
to do/to make/I do/I make
I will, I can, I have, ___
No hints here
mi scusi
excuse me
No hints here
vecchio - nuovo
old - new
A classic car VS a 2007 model
Quanto costa?
How much does it cost?
No hints here
grande - piccolo
big - small
if a flute is grande, then a piccolo is piccolo
aperto - chiuso
open - closed
the day after today
buono - cattivo
good - bad
if buono is good...
sapere/io so
to know/I know
Barenaked Ladies song that mentions Charo
Oh, gee, it's not yesterday or tomorrow!
Come va?
How's it going?
No hints here
Ieri, all my trouble seemed so far away
malato - in buona salute
ill - healthy
Stricken with a malady
vecchio - giovane
old - young
Granny is vecchio, baby is giovane
economico - caro
cheap - expensive
I have caro taste, but I can only afford economico things
povero - ricco
poor - rich
Poverty is when you are povero
molto - poco
a lot - a little
No hints here
sinistra - destra
left - right
If right is right and left is wrong, then left must be EVIL
veloce/rapido - lento
fast - slow
the lento tortise and the veloce hare
alto - basso
tall - short
Short guys sing bass
sopra - sotto
above - below
sotto voce
caldo - freddo
hot - cold
caliente - frio
corto - lungo
short - long
sounds alike
No hints here
trovare/io trovo
to find/I find
So stop looking!
dire/io dico
to say/I say
No hints here
bere/io bevo
to drink/I drink
No hints here
mangiare/io mangio
to eat/I eat
They'll tell you to do this at Olive Garden
you (formal)
No hints here
capire/io capisco
to understand/I understand
No hints, capeesh?
No hints here
ordinare/io ordino
to order/I order
May I take your....?
I would like
No hints here
parlare/io parlo
to speak/I speak
Parlez vous?
avere/io ho (oh)
to have/I have
...nothing, if I don't have you
abitare/io abito
to reside/I reside
I do it in Windermere