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What component conveys that you have acheived completion of an interim deliverable?
What is the best way to prevent scope creep?
make sure the requirements are thoroughly defined and accepted before the project begins
In which phase is the PM most visible?
What are the two main types of milestones?
major and minor
In which process are budgeted costs compared to actual?
variance analysis
Who is responsible for assembling the project's team members?
the PM
What is the formula for a cost performance index (CPI)?
Which cost estimating technique is the most beneficial for a standard IT project?
What signals the end of the planning phase?
the formal signing of the project plan
What is the name of elements that might have a direct impact on the length of the project scope?
What is the formula for a schedule performance index (SPI)?
Other than the PM, what two groups should review a project plan?
stakeholders and sponsor
What component authorizes a project to begin?
the charter
What are the three areas of estimation to be interested in when preparing a project schedule?
materials, time and person-hours
What does PMI describe the three basic constraints as?
cost, schedule and scope
If a corporate organizational change affects the project team, who should tell the team?
the sponsor
What two sets of criteria must be alluded to in the scope document?
success and completion
What analysis should be performed to decide if a proposed scope change should be elevated to the sponsor?
variance analysis
What is the typical output of the initiating phase?
project charter
What are the five process groups defined by the PMI?
Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing
What does PMI call phases?
process groups
Along with its description, a milestone should have what two components?
entry and exit criteria
When comparing the ratio of budgeted to actual hours or dollars spent, which type of variable should be used?
index variables
What typically serves as the input for the initiating phase?
customer request
What is the name given to the fact that, due to its uniqueness, a project budget and schedule will be continually refined?
progressive elaboration
What two types of indexes are associated with earned value analysis?
cost performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index (SPI)
What type of budget is predicated on assumptions and initial estimates?
What is the outcome of a Work Breakdown Structure?
What must you do to each requirement when developing them for a project?
create metrics
Who is responsible for signing the project charter?
the sponsor
When is it the job of the project manager to also manage the team members?
What document defines the height and breadth of a project?
the scope document
What is the process in which financial variables are examined to determine where you are at in a project called?
value analysis
In what four ways can a project be declared complete?
deliverables have been created; success & completion criteria have been met; project has been cancelled; resources are depleted
What two general categories do the characteristics of a project fall into?
constraints and phases
In which process do you determine whether there is enough money in the budget or enough hours left to complete a project?
earned value analysis
What is the most common cause of cost overruns for IT projects?
add-on costs were not recognized
What are the two outflows from the closing phase?
documentation and released resources
What is the typical input of the planning phase?
project charter