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The method that displays a modal form is:
The method that displays a modeless form is:
The Close method for a form removes the form from:
Both screen and from memory
You will designate the project's start-up object where?
On the Project Property Pages dialog box
A form can only be displayed after creating a new instance of that form using a Dim statement (True or False)
The statements that follow the modeless Show() method will continue to execute while the modeless form remains open (True or False)
The standard prefix for a form is
What type of variables are accessible to all statements in the form file, but are not accessible by default to statements outside the form file.
Class Level
mnuCutEnabled = False is used to disable the menu element named "mnuCut" True or False
mnuSettings.Checked = True does what?
Shows the menu element names "mnuSetting" as checked
What is the lower subscript of an array?
0 (zero)
Individual elements of an array can be accessed by using a subscript (True or False)
A subscript of an array can be represented as a variable (True or False)
Dim days(30) holds how many elements?
What is missing in this code?
Dim number(4)
Data type (integer)
Which property is used to determine the number of elements in an array?
Array.Length = 7 tells you what?
The array will hold seven (7) elements.
If Array.Length = 7, what will the upper subscript of the array be?
6 (six)
What command allows you to change the size of an array at runtime?
Arrays can be sorted alphabetically (True or False)
What does the following command do?
Sorts the elements in an array called myArray.
The interval property for the Timer control holds the number in _____________between timer events.
A Timer control on a form responds to the _________events as the application runs.
The randomize statement does what?
Randomize initializes a sequence of random numbers using the system time.
The Rnd function does what?
Rnd returns a single precision random number between 0.0 and 1.0
The StreamWriter object works with text and _______files.
If you want to add information to the end of an existing file, what method do you use?
A file can be read if it is not opened first (True or False)
To write a line of data to a file terminating it with a newline character, you will use what method
To write a line of data to a file without a newline character, you will use what method
OpenFile(FileName).Text does what?
Opens a text file for reading.
What method do you use to read one line of data from a file?
What method do you use to determine the end of the file?
When you add a dialog control to a form during design, the control appears in the component tray (True or False)
The filter property determines the types of file types that are displayed in an Open or Save As dialog box (True or False)
When a PrintDocument control's Print method is executed, what event is triggered?
The e.Graphics.DrawString method allows the font size, font face, and text color to be specified (True or False)
In a database, what is a field?
An individual piece of information pertaining to an item. Each field represents a column in the database table.
In a database, what is a record?
A record is a complete set of data about a single item consisting of one or more fields. Each row represents a record in a database table.
A collection of tables which hold related data is a _______.
What is a primary key?
A field that uniquely identifies each row in a table (might be social security number, or part number)
There are three steps to setting up a database to work with an application. These are what?
Data connection
Data adapter
What is a dataset?
An in memory cache of records that is separate from the data source and allows you to work with the data (obtained from a query)
When your application manipulates data does it manipulate the data source or the dataset?
A data-aware control can do what?
Automatically display data from a particular row and column of a table in a dataset.
Before you bind a data-aware control to a dataset, you must first have configured what three things?
data connection
data adapter
dataset objects
A CurrencyManager object is added to a form when you connect the form to a _________
data source
The CurrencyManager object provides a way to navigate through the rows of a dataset (True or False)
ADO.NET is ___________
a powerful data access component and stands for Active X Data Objects.
The Server Explorer window is used to connect to a database during design (True or False)
You can also initialize an array of strings with empty strings. True or False.
Page 479
What DataGrid control property do you set to associate the control with a dataset?
The DataSource property
pg 672
When your application manipulates data, does it perform the manipulation on the dataset or the data source?
The Dataset
pg 608
What is the debugging command that causes a Sub procedure or function to execute without single-stepping through the procedure's or function's code.
pg 374
The procedure____is simply the name of the procedure that is to be executed.
The data adapter's Fill method is used to fill a datasource with data from a dataset. True or False?
Pg 636, Chapter 10 Summary
What is the purpose of DataGrid control
Create a data grid
pg. 663
What method do you use to determine if a file exists?
Pg. 552
what is the class implemetation
the portion of a class that is hidden from client programs
chapter 12
What are the two broad categories of procedures?
Sub procedures and function procedures.
They both end in procedure.

Chapter 6, page 347, 1st para.
how do you remove a member from a collection
with the remove method
chapter 12
What is the difference between a modal form and a modeless form?
When a modal form displayed, no other form in the application can recieve the focus until the modal form is closed. In addition, no other statements in the procedure that displayed the modal form will execute until modal form is closed. A modeless form allows the user to switch focus to another form while it is displayed. The statements that follow the modeless Show method call will continue to execute after the modeless form is displayed. Visual Basic will not wait until the modeless form is closed to execute these statements.
One can do something the other one cant do.
With what file extension are standard modules saved?
dot_ _
How do you configure a data adapter at design time to execute an SQL command?
In the CommandText subproperty of the SelectCommand property, click the ellipses to open the query builder and Enter an SQL statement.
pg. 656
You can access the Count property with an expression in the following format:

pg 660 Testing for an Empty Dataset
what is a collection of code that performs a specific task and does not return a value
Sub Procedure
What is a select statement
Its used to find records in a table.
This type of statement causes a procedure to execute.
Procedure call
Found on Pg. 392
Question 2.
In Access a column represents a _____________
A ______________is a field or combination of fields that uniquely identifies each row in each table
Primary Key
The ______________is the object that provides the required methods for retrieving from the data source and updating after the application has made a change to it
data adaptor
The _____________is an in-memory cache of records retrieved from the data source.
a _____________control that after having been bond to a dataset can automatically display data from a particular row and column from that ADO.NET dataset.
The Currency Manager of ADO>NET is used for displaying the data retrieved from a database, in the format of a 2 decimal place and a dollar sign.
Microsoft Jet is the provider you select when working with Microsoft Access.
To add a new record to the table, use the ____________method.
The code ______________is the format that would be used to assign the number 65 to a field named fldMyNumber.
newDataRow.item("fldMyNumber") = 65
To mdoify a record in the table the _____________method is used.
To delete a record at a specified row within the table the __________method is used.
In the SQL statemetn "Select* from table" the * represents all ________.
The SQL statement ____________will retrieve all records which contain the string Jeffrey in the field named Name from the table Friends.
Select * from Friends where Name = 'Jeffrey'
SQL supports Logical operators such as AND and OR
IT is possible to retrieve a single field from a table.
When searching for records based on criteria, the _________clause is used
Multiple criteria can be set when selecting which records to return from a search.
The SQL statement ____________ will insert a record which contains the string Alexis into the field named Name contained within the table Friends
Insert into Friends (Name) Values (`Alexis`)
The SQL statement "Delete from Friends" will delete all records in the table named Friends
When the ReadOnly property is set to true, the data in the data grid cannot be edited, deleted, or added to.