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command-based user interface
text commands be typed at a prompt to perform basic tasks
command prompt
provided by most operating systems...allow advanced users to type specific commands
Proprietary operating systems
developed by a vendor fo r use witha specific computer hardware
Portable OS
one that can function with different hardware configurations
1. Cold boot: pushing switch
2. Warm boot: when computer currently running
POST (power on self test)
make sure all components working properly
Recovery disk
a disk with which the computer can be started
data written from processor to hard disk in waiting area to speed up everything else e.g printing
Device Driver
added control for a new hardware
an activity happens automatically and does not have to be understood
Logical View
this is how a programmer thinks about data
Physical View
this is what the computer understands
Virtual Memory (VM)
allows users to store more data without increasing actual capacity of memory
File system
way of organizing data and files
file allocation table: this is a file system
New Technology File System: secure and stable file system
database that stores important information
open-source software
users have access to the source code
embedded-operating systems
for handheld devices and have a computer chip with the OS embedded in it
Companies with handheld devices
1. PalmOne (hardware)
2. PalmSource (software)
3. Microsoft(Pocket PC, Handhelp PC, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile)
Utility programs
system software besides OS that assists in maintaing, managing, and protecting computer system resources.
Examples of Utility programs
1. Virus detection & recovery
2. File compression
3. Spam and pop-up guards
4. Hardware and disk utilities
5. Backup utilities
rearranging files on a hard disk so as to increse speed of executing programs and retrieving data stored on hard disk
Time sharing
allows more than one person to use a computer...usu a server.
Network Operating systems e.g Windows as it includes security and netwrok management features