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Systems Development
activity of creating new or modifying existing systems
Five phases of sytems development
5.Maintenancce and Review
Systems Development life Cycle: ongoing activities associated with system development processs including 5 steps.
Chart for five steps
First two: look at current system and decide if should be improved
3 & 4 : modifying an existing system
5: new system is operating or not
1. Companies can loose moey during SDLC if it poorly conducted
2. SDLC requires team effort. The team is "devlopment team"
System stakeholders
individuals who will benefit from the systems development project directly themselves or through organization.
specific type of stakeholders: they interact with system on a regular basis e.g customers, employees suppliers , vendors
people within organization capable of initiating and maintaining change
System investigation
Understand problem
Systems Analysis
understand solution
systems design
select and plan best solution
systems implementation
place solution into effect
systems maintenance and review
maintain and evaluate solution
Systems development specialists
computer systems personnel
Project leader
guy incharge of systems development effort
Systems analyst
professional who specializes in analyzing and designing systems. they interact with stakeholders, usres, management, programmers, and others computer systems people. this is the GUY who makes plans a detail plan for new system
Software programmer
responsible for modifying existing programs to satisfy requirements he takes plans from systems analyst
Computer systems management
cheif information officer (CIO) depending on the need if he is needed if it is a big project
1. Creative
2. Critical
Creative Analysis
seeking new approaches to existing problems
Critical Analysis
being skeptical and doubtful and requires questioning whether or not the current system is still effective and efficient
Systems development planning
translation of organizational or individual goals into systems development initiatives (problem solutions are selected before a complete understanding of nature of problem) see next card
a movie producer might want to hire stuntmen he has done it for long but a imaging system can help him o the thing
Systems development planning
u want to doouble sales then what to do for that by improving systems
End-users systems development
development of computer systems by individuals outside of formal computer systems planning structure for e.g by employees
System development tools
help simplify systems development any tool this an be software engineering tools like decision tables or project management tools
Software Engineering
formal way of conducting systems deelopment typically employs systems development software commonly referred to as CASE tools. this is a "system development tool"
Computer-aided software engineering. : automates many of the tasks required in a systems development effort.
can help to make diagrams and develop new computer systems