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Margaret Meade- what did she do in the 1920s and 30s
She examined customs and attitudes. sex behavior and attitudes are shaped by surrounding culture imperatives.
National Social Life survey- who funded it? how many people? were the dace to face interviews? published?
funded by 8 private foundations. interviewed 3432 people, published 2 books: The social organization of sex and sex in america: a definite study.
sex research of the 21st century? name 6
adolescent sexual behavior, HIV, sex in developing countries, birthcontrol, internet uses, sex behaviors by ethnic group
"a love beside" describes sexual orientations and behaviors that vary from the norm.
assuming one's own culture is right, that one is superior to all others.
when vaginal muscles contract and make penetration near impossible
first period
a thin tightly stretched band of skin on the underside connectiong the glans to the shapt of the penis.
a condition in which the foreskin is too long and tight to retract easlily over the gland.
skenes gland
where liquid is expelled from women, lacated inside the urethra, similar to male ejaclation.
refractory period
time following orgasm during which a man cannot be restimulated to orgasm
what are the 2 leading couses of multiple births?
fertility drugs and older aged woman
gender identity
a person's inner experience with gender, feelings of maleness or femaleness or somewhere between the two
gender role
the outward expression and demonsration of gender identity, through behaviors, attire, and culturally determined characteristicsof femininity and masculinity.
sexand reproductive glands, testes or ovaries that produce hormones and eventually reproductive cells (egg or sperm)
3 influences of gender orientation
biological, hormonal and anatomical
multifactoral model
there are many shades of sexual orientation, the orgins of which are more complex and more suble approaches could accomodate, human beings are full of quirks and don't always fit into a category.
venus of willendorf
found very early, not sure if it was used as fertility or erotica.
one female and several husbands.
AIDS- US became very conservative.
what is the average length of an erect penis?
6 inches
Masters and Johnson: name 4 things that they accomplished.
1-penis shaped device
2-used a surrogate
3-administered sex counseling
4-watched over 10,000 orgasms in their lab
masters and johnson sexual response cycle
when all the blood leaves other parts of the body concentrating in the genitals.
ejaculatory inevitability
point when a man has to ejaculate
orgasmic platform
woman must build blood tension in the genital in order to achieve orgasm
true hermaphrodite: about 4% of all births fall into this category.
Kleinfelters Syndrome: male genitals but with female secondary characteristics, scrotum and testes are small, enlarged breasts, sometime timid or withdrawn, may have some type of mental retardation.
Name of externals genitalias
Vulva and Penis
what two pieces of external gfenitalias are parallel in males and females
the male prepuce and the female labia minora
what get's cut off during crcumcision?
the prepuce/ foreskin
bartholins gland
helps sperm swim
list the internal genitalia of a female
ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina
list the internal genitalia of a male
scrotal sac
vas deferens
seminal vesical
cowpers gland
scrotal sac
regulater temperature to creat sperm. one sac, 2 testes, also produces testosteone.
the bus stop, where the sperm waits to be ejaculated and is filled with nutrients.
vas deferens
the tube that carries sperm up and out and is supplemented by glands.
seminal vesical and cowpers glands
give secretion to help with protective liquid.
how many tubes comprise the penis?
3 spongey tubes.
ectopic pregnancy
when the fertilized egg doesn't move dow the fallopian tube and begins to develop. ends in miscarriage.
morula and blastocyst
morula- a dense ball of cells
blastocyst- a dense ball of cells with a hollow liquid cavity in the middle
infibulation and clitordectomy
infibulation- when they cut off everything and sew up the vaginal opening leaving only a small opening.
clitodectomy is when the cut off the clitoris and some or all of the labia .
what is the longest stage of birth
the first stage.