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Second to the Koran
Prophetic Traditon
Record of what Muhammad did/said
How important it is?
What does it mean?
Record of what?
The two parts of the Hadith?
Isnad--line of transmitters
Mutn--actual report
Muhammad's bio
What was the Prophet's clan?
Banu Hashim
acknowledging many different gods, but there is one central, head God
those who maintained the full purity of Abrahamic worship
Islamic community
What year was Muhammad born?
Approx. 570 AD
Year of the Elephant
_____ AD
Year of the _________?
Muhammad's mother
‘Abd Allah
Muhammad's father
What was the seal of prophecy?
The only ususeual f;eature was in the middle his back between his shoulders: a small but distinct oval.
Khadija (Khadiha)
Muhammad's first wife
A trader
what was this person's occupation?
How old was Muhammad when he first married?q
"oneness of God"
Divine unity
The beginning of the Koran
Not in order of length like the rest of the Koran.
a verse in the Koran
sign (of god), miracle in and of itself
a chapter in the Koran
defective script
bare consonantal text without vowling
Rightly Guided Caliphs?
The successors to Muhammad, not prophets
Battle of Yamama
After Muhammad died, many reciters killed, need
What's a clan?
A number of tents pitched together is a clan.
Several related clans form a tribe.
who felt the coming of an Arab prophet was imminent?
The Hunafa
What miracles did Muhammad preform?
None, but his life was surrounded by miracles
When did Muhammad's father die?
before he was born, on a trading mission he fell ill
When did Muhammad's mother die?
What's her name?
when muhammad was 6
she fell ill while traveling with her son to take him to Yathrib
After M's mother died who took care of him? How long?
His grandfather ‘Abd
al-Muttalib , for 2 years until he died.
Who was M's final gaurdian?
Abu Talib, who was full brother to the boy’s father
What was M's first revelation
When an angel made him recited.
what is now Ramadan month
the most important tribe in mecca, very powerful politically. Gave M lots of grief.
Year of Sadness
When Abu Talib and Khadija die
Battle of Badr
Enormous victory for Muslims, 300vs1000
Battle of Uhud
Although more Muslims died in this battle, the Meccans
failed to achieve their goal of exterminating the Muslims
Misfortunes of the Muslims were permitted by God, partly
as a punishment for disobedience and partly as a test of
their steadfastness
How many chapters in the Koran?
How is the Koran organized?
longest to shortest... like Paul
Koran is more like what than what?
D&C, than Bible
The Koran is the_________?
Inlibriate Word of God
Who ordered everything to be collected for the Koran to be written?
Abù Bakr
who was commissioned to collect the Koran?
Zayd ibn Thàbit
The Koran used today?
How'd it come about?
‘Uthmànic Qur’àn
Uthman commissioned Zayd ibn Thàbit
Revised and compared with Hafsa’s suhuf
Previously existing copies destroyed
All pieces of revelation that could be found were collected
Major types of material in the Qur’àn
Doctrinal themes
Belief in One God (tawhìd)
Resurrection of the dead
Day of Judgment
Reward or punishment in the life hereafter
Predestination or free-will (theological)
Faith and works (theological)
Commentary on Qur'an
Earliest known commentator
Ibn Abbàs, considered father of tafsìr
most famous commentator
Muhammad ibn Jarìr al-Tabarì
system of rules regulating the correct oral rendering of the Qur’àn; preserves the nature of revelation whose meaning is expressed as much by its sound as by its content and expression; believed to be the codification of the sound of revelation as revealed to Muhammad as rehearsed with Gabriel.