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Where is Arabia located
Between the Red Sea and persian gulf
What was the name of a bedouin tribe leader
The Ka'aba was built by whom
Abraham built what
The Ka'aba
What did the Ka'aba become
A mosque
What were Traveling holy people called
When has Muhammad born
A.D. 570
Where was Muhammad born
Mecca or Mekkah
What has a buisness leader called
Who was Muhammad raised by
Uncle and Grandfather
When did Muhammad have his religious experience
While meditating, in a cave
Whose voice did Muhammad hear in the cave
Angel Garbriel
Who said it
"Recite in the name of the lord"
Angel Gabriel
What does Islam mean
Submission to the will of Allah
What is the islamic god called
What does Muslim mean
One who has submited to Allah
What did Muhammad believe of the upper class
they were greedy
Who were the majority of his followers
the lower class
Where and When did Muhammad move
Yarthrib, 622 A.D.
What is the journey made by Muslims called, and how many times must Muslims complete this jouney
Hijrah, once during lifetime
What was Yarthrib renamed
What does Madinah mean
"The prophets town"
What document united everyone in the community
The Madinah Compact
What ddi Muhammad do in Ka'aba
Destroyed Idols
By what date was the entire Arabian Pennisula Islamic
631 A.D.
Why can't Muslims worship paint pictures of Allah
Only allah can create life
At what age did Muhammad die
What is the holy book of Islam
What were Jews and Christians called
People of the book
What does Quran mean in Arabic
Name two things the Quran comdems
Lying and Murder
What cannot be separated from religion
Name the five pillars of Islam
Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, Pilgrimage
How many times - pray each day
What was worship called on friday at noon
What is giving money called
What is the holy month in which fasting occuress
Ramadan - 9th month
Why is the 9th Month sacred
When Muhammad saw vision
What is the Pilgrimage called
What color must all dress in
What can't muslims eat
Pork - unclean
How many wives can a man have, on what conditions
Five, all treated equally
Who could not be slaves
What is the Holy war called
What were the rulers after Muhammad's death called
The rightly guided caliphs
Name the Rightly Guided Caliphs in order
Umar, Uthman, Ali
What did all the caliphs have in common
all related to Muhammad
What was one area ruled by a caliph called
Date - Strait of Gibralter
A.D. 711
Date - Streched 4,000 miles
A.D. 750
Name 4 reason why they won
Weakened enemies, highly mobile, well disiplined armies, Strong faith, victoies - sign of Allah's support
What could the Muslims not take over
What area welcomed Muslim armies
Ferticle Cresent
What were the Muslims known as and why
Liberators, Muslims - Religiously Tolerant
When did the Umayads come to power
When was Uthman murdered
When were Ali and Hussyn murdered
What kind of government did the Umayyads set up
In what type of government is rule hereditary
What ruler moved the capitol and where did he move it
Muawiya - Damascus, Syria
What three groups did Islam divide up into
Shiite, Sunni, Sufi
What does Shiite mean
Party of Ali
What does Sunni mean
Followers of the way
Which group did not resist Umayyads
How did the Sufi seek conection with god
Meditation and Prayer
What did the Sufi become
When were the Umayyads defeated
Battle of Tours, 732
Who defeaded the Umayyads and where
France, Charles Martel
What did the Umayyads achomplish during their rule
Built Roads, Postal system, civil service system, currency
When did the Abbasids come to power and when did they leave power
How did the Abbasids murder the Umayyads
At a diner party, one prince escaped - set up rule in Spain
Where did the Abbasids move the capitol to
When did the Adsids move the capitol
Who ruled in Charlemagne
Harun Al-Rashid
Who ruled in Cairo
Who invaded
Seljuk Turks
What was the ruler of the seljuk turks called
When was Bagdhad captured
Who attacked and burned Baghdad and when
Halagu Khan - 1858
What was the Islamic world called
Dar Al-Islam