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Describe Austria's 1985 wine scandal
Diethylene Glycol was being added to wine. Adds sweet and body. Can kill you.

Led to reform and strict laws
Overall quality in Austria?
Overall very high quality
Predominantly what kind of wine in Austria?
Does Austria produce desert wine?
Some fantastic desert wines from botrytis affected grapes
Most widely planted white grape in Austria?
Grüner Veltliner
Grape varieties in Austria?
Grüner Veltliner (spicy, citrus, pepper)

Riesling (top notch, full bodied versions)

Blaufränkisch (crunchy bright red fruit)

Zweigelt (lighter red)
Name the important wine regions in Austria
Wien (Vienna)

Wachau (most prized Riesling and GV)



Burgenland (top qual botrytis)
Most known wine area in Hungary?
Name of wine in Hungary's Tokaj-Hegyalja?
Tokaji Aszú
Describe Tokaji Aszú and its production?
Aszú means botrytis affected

Dry wine made from healthy grapes

Aszú grapes pounded into paste and added to dry wine

More paste makes sweeter wine.

Second fermentations happens
Describe Puttony
Traditional 20-25kg container used to measure Aszú paste in Tokaji Aszú production in Hungary

Wine is sold as 3-6 Puttonyos

Higher Puttonyos numbr more flavour and more sweet
Describe Conc
136 litre cask traditionally used to measure base wine in Tokaj-Hegyalja in Hungary