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what are serif fontfaces?
times new roman-they have smaller features at the end of the stroke and within the letters
what are sanserif fontfaces?
arial- are simplier and have no strokes at the end of the letter
what is a monofaced type face?
monoface uses the same amount of space between each letter
what is a proportional typeface?
a porportonial typeface uses a different amount of space depending on the letter
what does the scale do?
increases/decreases the characters width
what does spacing do?
increases of decreases the space between characters
what does the position do?
raises and lowers text from the baseline
how does something become a non-breaking space?
when do you use a non-breaking hyphen?
it isnt appropiate for hyphens to break across lines
what are tab leader options?
replace empty space leading up to the tab, with either dots, dashes, or a line
how do you set a tab stop?
use the ruler
what is window orphan control?
prevents single words and partial words at the end of paragraphs from contuining on their own line.
what is keep the next?
it will keep the paragraph with the next one. use this to keep heading with the paragraph below
what is- keeps lines together?
it keeps lines in a paragraph together
what is-page breaks before?
it will start a paragraph on its own