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What is Ischemic Heart Disease?
Mismatch between O2 Supply and demand leading to anaerobic metabolites and hypoxia.
What is Angina Pectoris?
Uncomfortable sensation in the chest produced by myocardial ischemia
Describe the clinical presentation of Stable Angina. (such as Time course? Etiology? Relief? EKG signs?)
Chronic but transient Angina brought on by increased demand (exercise/stress) with stenosis preventing increased supply. Relieved by rest. There is no necrosis, but ST segment depression and T symmetric wave inversion are seen on EKG during attack.
Describe the clinical presentation of Variant Angina. (such as Time course? Etiology? EKG signs?)
Typical Angina while at rest brought on by CA vasospasm (not demand). ST elevation is often observed on EKG.
Describe the clinical presentation of UNStable Angina. (such as Time course?Etiology? Specific Risk?)
Angina of increasing frequency and duration at ever lower exercise tolerance and even can occur at rest. Usually the result of rupture of unstable plaque with subsequent thrombosis. There is High frequency of untreated progression to MI!
What defines Silent Ischemia?
Being Asymptomatic
What is a MI?
Myocardial necrosis due to prolonged cessation of blood supply.
What are the classic HA symptoms?
N/V; Sweating, pallor, Anxiety, Dyspnea, Crushing chest pain
Describe the factors that determine O2 supply.
1. Hemoglobin and HB saturation;
2. Blood Flow which is proportional to P/R
True/False - The Heart is a unique organ that receives blood flow only in diastole and can only increase O2 supply via increased flow.
What is the effect of anaerobic metabolites on vascular smooth muscle?
Endothelial factors effect dilatation and constriction. Name the effect for NO, Prostacyclin, EDHF, & Endothelin-1.
NO, Prostacyclin, & EDHF are Vasodilators;
Endothelin-1 is a vasoconstrictor;
What 3 factors control O2 demand?
HR, CTY, Ventricular Wall Stress (~PxR /wall thickness).
True/False - Resistance (and therefore flow) is primarily controlled by Resistance's inverse relationship to vessel radius to the fourth power.
What is the difference between Stunned and Hibernating Myocardium in Severe ischemia without necrosis?
Stunned = eventually but not immediately will restore systolic f(x); Hibernating = f(x) will return once perfused;
Describe normal Drug treatment for Angina Pectoris.
Nitrates, Beta Blockers, CCBs (variant), ASA