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What is the first line drug for the treatment of chronic stable angina
beta blocker
What drug is most useful in aborting an attack of stable angina
sublingual nitrate
What classes of drugs can prophylactically treat stable angina
beta blockers
calcium channel blockers
What classes of drugs can prophylactically treat Prinzmetal's angina
calcium channel blockers
MOA - beta blockers in treating chronic stable angina
block beta1 on the heart
reduce heart rate, contractility and oxygen demand
MOA - nitrates in treating stable angina
dilates veins
reduces preload, wall stress and oxygen demand
MOA - nitrates in treating Prinzmetal's angina
dilates coronary arteries, relieves vasospasm
MOA - DHP calcium channel blockers in treating stable angina
dilates arteries - decreases PVR, afterload, wall stress and oxygen demand
What effect does isosorbide dinitrate have on preload, afterload and contractility
reduces preload, little effect on afterload (reduction), no effect on contractility
A patient began a drug for their stable angina. They started complaining of palpitations. what did they most likely take?
nitrate, beta blocker, non-DHP CCB
A person is put on the nitroglycerin patch. They are told to take the patch off before they go to bed. Why?
Chronic use can cause tolerance. Need a nitrate free interval every day.
Why are nitrates not used for the treatment of chronic hypertension?
you have high BP 24 hours a day, and you need a nitrate free interval to prevent tolerance to the drug
A person had taken sildenafil. If they take a nitrate, what can happen?
Don't break down the NO that is generated and severe hypotension
Which of the following will decrease heart rate and oxygen demand in treating stable angina?
nitroglycerin, hydrochlorothiazide, diltiazem, nifedipine
A patient is on a beta blocker for stable angina. They are still having problems. Which of the following would be best to combine with the beta blocker?
amlodipine, verapamil