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to bid (to make a financial tender)
bid; bid; bid
to abide (to inhabit/adhere/endure)
abide; abode; abode
to arise (to rise/get up)
arise; arose; arisen
to bear (to endure/procreate)
bear; bore; borne
to beget (to sire)
beget; begat; begotten
to behold (to observe w/wonder)
behold; beheld; beheld
to bid (to beseech/entreat)
bid; bade; bidden
to bind (to tie up)
bind; bound; bound
to breed (to produce)
breed; bred; bred
to burst (to break open)
burst; burst; burst
to cleave (to split)
cleave; clove; cloven
to chide (to voice disapproval)
chide; chid; chidden
to cling (to hold together)
cling; clung; clung
to bereave (to deprive)
bereave; bereft; bereft
to bide (to wait)
bide; bode; bode
to cleave (to adhere)
cleave; cleft; cleft
to bleed (to emit or lose blood)
bleed; bled; bled
bring (to carry, convey)
bring; brought; brought
to dive (to plunge into water)
dive; dove; dove
to fit (to conform w/shape or size of)
fit; fit; fitted
to flee (to run from danger)
flee; fled; fled
to fling (to throw)
fling; flung; flung
to forbear (to abstain/hold back)
forbear; forbore; forborne
to forbid (to prohibit)
forbid; forbade; forbidden
to forecast (to predict)
forecast; forecast; forecast
to forget (to lose remembrance of/neglect)
forget; forgot; forgotten
to forego (to forsake; do without)
forego; forwent; forgone
to forsake (to abandon)
forsake; forsook; forsaken
to forswear (to abjure/make a liar of)
forswear; forswore; forsworn
to gild (to cover with a layer of gold)
gild; gilt; gilt
to gird (to encircle)
gird; girt; girt
to grind (to crush, pulverize, or reduce to poweder by friction)
grind; ground; ground
to hang (to suspend)
hang; hung; hung
to hang (to execute)
hang; hanged; hanged
to hew (to cut or cleave)
hew; hewed; hewn
to strive (to endeavor)
strive; strove; striven
to ring (to sound)
ring; rang; rung
to lay (to put or set down)
lay; laid; laid
to lie (to recline)
lie; lay; lain
to lie (to prevaricate)
lie; lied; lied
to lend (to give or allow the use of on the condition it be returned)
lend; lent; lent
to partake (to share/to take part in)
partake; partook; partaken
to rend (to tear)
rend; rent; rent
to seek (to look for)
seek; sought; sought
to seethe (to boil)
seethe, seethed; seethed
to shear (to cut or clip)
shear; shore; shorn
to shed (to segregate/molt/lose hair)
shed; shed; shed
to shine (to emit light)
shine; shone; shone
to shoe (to furnish w/a shoe)
shoe; shod; shod
to shred (to tear into pieces)
shred; shred; shred
to shrink (to huddle/cower)
shrink; shrank; shrunk
to sink (to submerge)
sink; sunk; sunk
to slay (to kill)
slay; slew; slain
to slide (to slip)
slide; slid; slid
to sling (to throw)
sling; slung; slung
to slink (to sneak)
slink; slunk; slunk
slit (to sever)
slit; slit; slit
to smite (to strike down)
smite; smote; smitten
to spin (to gyrate)
spin; spun; spun
to spit (to expectorate)
spit; spit; spit
to spring (to dart/shoot suddenly)
spring; sprung; sprung
to sting (to prick)
sting; stung; stung
to stink (to emit a strong offensive odor)
stink; stunk; stunk
to stride (to move w/long steps)
stride; strode; stridden
to string (to equip w/strings)
string; strung; strung
to swear (to vow)
swear; swore; sworn
to swing (to move rapidly in an arch)
swing; swung; swung
strike (to hit)
strike; struck; struck
to thresh (to separate seed)
thresh; thresh; thresh
thrive (to flourish,prosper)
thrive; throve; thriven
to thrust (to shove,push,drive quickly w/force)
thrust; thrust; thrust
to tread (to step)
tread; trod; trodden
to wax (to grow in volume or duration)
wax; waxed; waxed
to wear (to don)
wear; wore; worn
to weave (to form cloth by interlacing strings)
weave; wove; woven
to whet (to sharpen)
whet; whetted; whetted
to wind (to wrap around)
wind; wound; wound
to wring (to squeeze, twist, contort)
wring; wrung; wrung
to strew (to scatter)
strew; strewed; strewn

to clothe (to dress)
clothe; clothed; clad

to knead (to press into shape)
knead; kneaded; kneaded