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they are going to live
ils vont vivre
I live
Je vis
you live
vous vivez
he lives
il vit
we live
nous vivons
they live
ils vivent
I lived
J'ai vécu
you lived
vous avez vécu
he lived
il a vécu
we lived
nous avons vécu
they lived
ils ont vécu
I am going to live
Je vais vivre
you are going to live
vous allez vivre
he is going to live
il va vivre
we are going to live
nous allons vivre
they could live
ils pourraient vivre
I will live
je vivrai
you will live
vous vivrez
he will live
il vivra
we will live
nous vivrons
they will live
ils vivront
I would live
je vivrais
you would live
vous vivriez
he would live
il vivrait
we would live
nous vivrions
they would live
ils vivraient
I could live
je pourrais vivre
you could live
vous pourriez vivre
he could live
il pourrait vivre
we could live
nous pourrions vivre
I should live
je devrais vivre
you should live
vous devriez vivre
he should live
il devrait vivre
we should live
nous devrions vivre
they should live
ils devraient vivre
I am
je suis
you are
vous êtes
he is
il est
we are
nous sommes
they are
ils sont
I will be
Je serai
you will be
vous serez
he will be
il sera
we will be
nous serons
they will be
ils seront
I would be
je serais
you would be
vous seriez
he would be
il serait
we would be
nous serions
they would be
ils seraient
I was
you were
vous étiez
he was
il était
we were
nous étions
they were
ils étaient
I could be
je pourrais être
you could be
vous pourriez être
he could be
il pourrait être
we could be
nous pourrions être
they could be
ils pourraient être
I should be
je devrais être
you should be
vous devriez être
he should be
il devrait être
we should be
nous devrions être
they should be
ils devraient être
I have
you have
vous avez
he has
il a
we have
nous avons
they have
ils ont
I had
J'ai eu
you had
vous avez eu
he had
il a eu
we had
nous avons eu
they had
il a eu
I will have
you will have
vous aurez
he will have
il aura
we will have
nous aurons
they will have
ils auront
i would have
he would have
il aurait
you would have
vous auriez
we would have
nous aurions
they would have
ils auraient
I am doing
je fais
I will do
je ferai
I have done
j'ai fait
I was doing
je faisais
I would do
je ferais
you are doing
vous faites
you will do
vous ferez
you have done
vous avez fait
you were doing
vous faisiez
you would do
vous feriez
he is doing
il fait
he will do
il fera
he has done
il a fait
he was doing
il faisait
he would do
il ferait
we are doing
nous faisons
they are doing
ils font
I am seeing
Je vois
I will see
je verrai
I have seen
j'ai vu
I was seeing
je voyais
I would see
je verrais
you are seeing
vous voyez
you will see
vous verrez
you have seen
vous avez vu
you were seeing
vous voyiez
you would see
vous verriez
he is seeing
il voit
he will see
il verra
he has seen
il a vu
he was seeing
il voyait
he would see
il verrait
we are seeing
nous voyons
we will see
nous verrons
we have seen
nous avons vu
we were seeing
nous voyions
we would see
nous verrions
they are seeing
ils voient
they will see
ils verront
they have seen
ils ont vu
they were seeing
ils voyaient
they would see
ils verraient