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VCA to MON only works in what mode?
Record mode!
Replay is what?
The allsafe at the autolocator.
Status lock does what?
Locks the status of the console.
Master Ch input flip is what?
The global mic input switch.
Mix to cues does what?
Sends control room mix to cues (post fader)
Auto cue= ?
keeps talkback on at any time its not recording.
Mix Record Mode= ?
Engages mix and record modes at the same time, then just engage a track to record.
Helps when you need to record a specific when your already "in a mix"
What size pad to the SSL series have?
What are the line level signal attenuator options on SSl's?
(+ or-) 20db
All sub-group masters are (?) upon input
pre-phase reversal
What are the stats on the SSL series gate?
Two FIXED attack times. Controlled by relase control. DOWN= slower (30m.sec), UP= faster(3m.sec)
CH IN puts the signal where?
channel path, pre EQ
CH OUT puts the signal where?
channel path, post EQ
The LED's on the left side of the dynamics section = ?
Gate operation
The LED's on the right side of the dynamics section = ?
Compressor operation
E and G series boards do not have what on their comressors?
ON SSL's, filters are a part of what?
The EQ (EQ is on= Filters are on)
Split in the filter section does what?
seperates filters from the EQ, places them in the channel path, and post phase. (IE when split isnt engaged, the filters travel WITH the EQ wherever it goes!)
In the EQ section, how much gain attenuation are we given?
(+ or -) 4db
DYN S-C does what?
sends the EQ and Filters (unless their split) to the side chain input of the compressor
Output does what on an SSL?
Places the small fader post large fader and post signal processing
Only works in mix mode, places small fader pre large fader and pre signal processing, except for the filters if filters are split.
The value of the group trim is...
0 to -30. The amp cannot be increased only decreased.
The direct switch on an SSL does what?
bypasses summing amplifier and goes directly to the group output from the CH fader.
Float on an SSL does what?
it lifts the large fader from the stereo buss and sends it to the routing matrix, pre lrg fader pan. SHUTS DOWN use of sml fader. Used for record track bouncing, mix mode subgrouping
Used for record track bouncing, mix mode subgrouping
How would I bounce tracks on an SSL?
Go to faders needed to bounce, press float, engage odd/even pan and reflectively pan, assign tracks in RM and engage input and record rep. Lrg fader controls level. BOUNCE=MONITOR PATH ONLY!!!
How would I subgroup on an SSL?
Float the faders, engage pan and reflectively pan, assign to sub group masters, press sub gp switches, raise lrg faders, and pan them out. WORKS IN MIX AND REC MODE.
How many routing assignments do E and G series SSL's give us?
32 biotch
In the RM, what combo of stereo busses can be utilized?
any combo
VCA group clicker does what?
Selects 1-8 group faders, red letter (i) is solo isolate from the 8 VCA group faders
The program buss selector does what?
selects path to A, B, and C busses
selecting "in" on the master compressor does what?
places the stereo buss compressor in the channel path. The program buss reflects the overall signal being compressed.
How many cue sends are there and describe what their used for
Theres 1 stereo send, and 4 mono sends. The stereo is the CUE send, and MUST be a pre fader send. The 4 mono sends are hardwired. Aux 1 and 2 go to A & B of the Lexicon 480L and 3 goes to the PCM 81, and 4 goes to the MPX1.
what does the SML FADER button in the Aux section do?
Takes aux out of the LRG FADER path and places it in the SML FADER path.
Describe the Oscillator.
Has an On and Freq selector switch. 2 destinations, one is "groups" where the OSC o/p is set to group outputs (tones 2 multitrack). The other is "OSC 2 Program" where OSC is sent to the program buss.
Talkback to cans does what?
Controls amplitude of voice in cans.
Talkback to studio is what?
Slate level talkback.
Listen mic 1 and listen mic 2 are what?
permanently installed mics in the studio.
VCA trim= ?
increases or decreases ALL VCA faders equaly by (+ or -) 15db... tight!!!
Autofade= ?
deals directly w/ the stereobuss and master fader. Fades w/ the computer system from 1 sec to 60 seconds.
How would I engage the spectra analyzer?
Hit spectra, peak meter, and +10.
Cue address switches does what?
Allows you to address 3 different cue mixes.
MD= ?
music director, aka conductor
Slate switch, omni meaning it goes everywhere, all destinations recieve your voice and 50hz tone
When the desk in in Rec mode the desk looks for what by default?
Mic input
What is the Pad value on the Neve?
-30 pad
What's the Mic/Line switch on the Neve?
what's the mic pre amp's value on the neve?
-20 to +70
In the channel path, the filters are...?
Post phase reversal switch
for the Range attack time... (Neve)
pull up for 3 m.sec, down for 30 m.sec
The key input does what? (Neve)
Allows an external source to open and close the gate
INV= ? (Neve)
The Ducker Switch
L/C= ? (Neve)
limiter/compressor, amp on o/p. No variable attack, only 2 fixed ratios. Pull for fast attack.
the arrow switch does what? (Neve)
Links compressors
On the Neve, dynamics is WHAT in either mode? (Neve)
What are the EQ specs on the Neve?
4 band semiparametric EQ, BELL by default, switchable to shelving.+ or - 18db for each freq.
Hi Q does what? (Neve)
Noticably narrows the bandwidth
INS does what? (Neve)
Activates inserts returns
PREQ does what on the Neve?
Pre EQ inserts
Swap on the Neve does what?
Local fader swap (per channel)
C/O does what? (Neve)
switches board modes, switches signal path of small/large faders
C/O sends the Lrg fdr to where in mix mode?
Group trim value= ?
(+ or -) 10db
The direct switch does what?
Bypasses the summing amplifier/RM, sending signal directly to the CH Fdr.
O/D does what on the Neve?
Big O/D must be engaged, although the O/D switches do not work!
The Neve V series allow how many routing assignment?
What are the 1-2 and 3-4 on the Neve?
The two stereo busses
Describe a Bounce on the Neve
Works in Rec mode only, same as float on the SSL. LRG FDR on that channel is taken off the stereo buss and redirected to the routing matrix. PRE PAN POT, must do panning at odd/even in RM, shuts down SML FDR
In REC mode, whats the monitor fader?
How would I utilize a group on the Neve? (neve)
hit group master button, hit select on faders to be grouped. in software groups are labled by fader #s. Subgroups LEDs also flash.
Whats the diff btw linking and grouping faders? (neve)
linking makes all faders move w/ eachother, where a group has a master and slaves are independent.
LRG fader solo: mute and cut do what? (neve)
the same thing, mute/cut each channel
RET= ? (neve)
return, aka solo isolate for each channels fader
How many sends does the Neve have?
8 mono sends that can be linked in stereo. 1-2 and 3-4 are the links. When linked odd becomes level and even becomes pan.
On the Neve, how would I make 7-8 a cue send?
Press 7-8 switch to link in stereo, hit 7 switch, hit pre switch to make the aux send pre fader. Link aux's in master section as well.
Why is do we cue send pre?
So you can mix in the cntrl room and not send the mix 2 the artist.
Where do the two destinations on the OSC go?
Mix-> O/P of stereo buss, Multitrack-> Group outputs
How many stereo FX returns are there, and where can they be sent?
4, and they can be sent to the cue amps, cue rev1, and cue rev 2
what do channel safe and monitor safe.
They save the 2 paths from destructive solo
In a patch bay, the top ten rows are all what?
Channel path
if a patch has a colored label it's what?
half-normaled, and an output!
If a patch has a white label it's what?
fully normaled, and an input!
Are the mic/lines and channel mic inputs hardwired?
Multi track return gives us access to what?
access to the o/p of the multi track without interuption of signal flow
What are the steps to a 4 minute tape prep?
Leader> Tones (1k, 1min. 10k 30sec. 100hz 30 sec.)> Leader> Record pad (2 min blank tape)> Leader> Timecode Trk 24> Leader
What is industry standard timecode printing done at?
On the SSL 6k, what are the 4 stereo buss mixes for?
Pseudo surround, LCRS!
Hard grouping only includes what? (SSL 6K)
The hard faders (ie VCA groups on E and G series)
How would I assign a hard group on the SSL 6K? and what do 0-8 assignments do?
Press hard grp button, go to faders needed to group, assign group number, turn off hard grp setup switch in Group/Protection

0= no cntrl by any other fader, 1-8= cntrled by other fader.
Where can I assign a softgroup? and how many can I assign?
In the software, all faders can be softgrouped, xcept for the 8 hardware faders. 65 softgrps per project. In order for LRG fdr to be used in sftgrp, assignment window must be BLANK
Can a fdr be a slave in more than one grp?
What are the "ST" switches at the base of the small fader? and what are they for?

[SSL 6k]
Fader status switches, They are assignment switches for softgrps.
How would I utilize a softgrp and fader status switch?

[SSL 6k]
Go to Group/Protection and hit softgrp setup. Pop up comes up on screen, [sftgrp setup 1]. Identify master by hitting ST (fader status). First fader you choose is master (RED LED). Go to slaves in grp and engage their ST switches (GRN LEDS)
How would I address the three cue mixes?

[SSL 6k]
Foldback A, B, and C
EXT 1 and EXT 2= ?
Access to monitors for an external source ie iPod, CD player, etc. (external src repro)
whast the inverse button do on the neve?
turns the gate into a ducker
what does the high z button do on the SSL J desk?
It puts a direct box before the preamp in the signal