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the advantage of the most powerful, priveledged actors, seen by some as biases created by existing glabol institutions and norms.
criteria for evaluating right and wrong behavior and motives by individuals and groups
principles about the norms for behavior that should govern actors' interactions
civil society
a community compossed of citizens that create institutions to protect civil liberties and that use peaceful methods for conflict resolutions
human rights
the political rights and civil liberties recognized by the international community as inalenable and valid for indivudals in al countries by virtue of their humanity
punitive action (short of military force) by one global actor against another to retaliate for its previous objectional behavior
Global South
-lots live on less than $2 a day
-life expt. 60yrs
-infant mortality high
-no safe water
-no meaningful work
-most of pop under 15
Human Development index
-combines life expt, literacy, income,gender equality, and yrs of ed.
-beter measure of wellbeing than per capita GNP
human needs
basics physical, social, and political needs like food and freedom that are required for survival and security
Purchasing Power Parity
-calculates true exchange among currencies (the index that determines what can be bought with a unit of each currency)
Preconditions of Hum. Dev.
-political freedom (democracy, civil liberties, civil rights)
-national economic growth (richer the country, the freer or vice versa, hum. dev. highest in North)
human security
liberal theory that states the degree to which the welfare of individuals is protected and promoted, in contarst to the realist that places mor importance of the state
people who flee for safety to another country because of a well-founded fear of persecution
internally displaced people
people involuntarily uprooted from their homes, but still intheir own countries
two level game
because of interdependence leaders will make foreign policy decisions for both international and domestic payoffs
fear of foreigners
ethnic cleansing
and extermination of an ethnic minority group
brain drain
the exodus of the most educated people from their home which deprives he state of its intelectuals
brutal and savage acts against targeted citizens, prisoners of war
the provision of sanctuary to safeguard refugees escaping from the threat of persecution in the country where they hold citizenship
The Fourth World
-indigenous peoples seeking greater rights/autonomy
-often persecuted
-130 million slaughtered between 1900 and 1987 by state-sponsored genocide
Status of Women
-lower living standards
-lower pay
-only 15% of parl. seats
-less health care
-exacerbated by relgions and culture
-feminization of poverty
Gender Empowerment Measure
-way the UN measures gender inequality
noncombatant immunity
military force shouldn't be used against innocent civilians
humanitarian intervention
the use of peacekeeping troops by states of int. org. to protect endangered people
Prosecutes war crimminals
War crimes
crimes againstr humanity
crimes that even countries at war are not suppose to committ.