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the common tragedy shows that
impact of self-interest on common goods.
An atmosphere issue is
a hole in the ozone layer
Fossil fuel burning increases
CO2 in atmosphere.
Over a billion persons lack
safe drinking water.
Population/consumption balance equals
sustainable development
The 1994 Cairo Conference had
no consensus
An environmental security issue is
lootable resources.
Religious conflicts are about
identities and politics.
Realists say the state is
the most important actor.
Five pillars do not require
attending a madrassa.
Canada is a
binational state
Confederal/federal states have
shared powers
W. European societies emphasize
the individual
Society members have
civil rights
The Magna Carta dealt with
nobility rights
NATO does not deal with
human rights
Governments use eminent domain to
take property
Apartheid separates peoples by
race/ ethnicity
TV overexposure leads to
compassion fatigue
A viable political unit makes a nation
a state
Make all states democracies to
end war
Waltz says work on all 3 levels
The Melian Dialog illustrates
power politics
Thucydides held that Athens
abandoned its ideals
Machiavelli says a prince must learn
to do evil
Realism is based around
Morgenthau says politics is separate
from economics
The 14 Points included
open diplomacy
Wilson's self-determination ignored
asia/ colonies
Grotius based his laws on
human reason
Grotius' laws accorded POWs
some rights
sensitivity is
Amount OR speed of change.
Regimes are easier to
maintain than create
Keohane says regimes are
as important as states in IR.
Marx says all value comes from
Nationalism wars might precede
the communist manifesto says
All history is economic class struggle.
lenin says that
Capitalism always needs new markets
wallerstein says that there is a
core, semi-periphery, periphery.
wallerstein argues in his essay that?
Nowhere left for capitalism to expand.
Chomsky believes that
Leaders manipulate language
Tickner argues that
"Masculine" ideas/words exclude women.
tickners says that the fact that exceptional women were able to do it
so can others
Feminists study
what happens during wars
Modern state/capitalism remove women
from public life
Loss of home has greater impact upon
North America has no
landlocked countries
Darfur is in
the african region
Wolfowitz got into trouble over his