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What is a CD?
A savings certificate entitling the bearer to recieve interest.
What is a bond?
If a corporation or government needs to borrow a large amount of money for a long time, it may issue bonds.
What is a corporate bond?
Bonds issued by coporations.
What is a municipal bond?
Bonds issued by the local or state government. Interest earned is free from federal income taxes.
What is a U.S. Savings bond?
Bonds issued by Federal Government.
What is a treasury bill?
issued for 3 months to one year.
What is a treasury note?
two to ten years.
What is a treasury bond?
ten or more years.
What is a mutual fund?
a pool of $ used by an investment company to purchase the securities of many corporations.
What is dollar cost averaging?
investing the same fixed dollar amount at regular intervals of a long period of time.
What is no-load?
no fees to buy/sell funds.
what is a front-end load?
fees for buying funds.
what is a back-end load?
fees for selling stocks.
what is a stock?
shares in the ownership of a corporation?
2 ways to earn a return on investments?
dividends and capital gains.
What is a fixed annuity?
a contract in which the insurance company makes a fixed dollar amount to the annuitant usually until he/she dies.
what is a variable annuity?
a contract in which, at the end of the accumulation stage, the insurance company guarantees minumum payment.