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Baron von Drais von Sauerbronn
1st modern bicycle
Edward Jenner
Small pox vaccination
I.K. Brunel
transatlantic Steamer and Suspension Bridges
Etienne Lenoir
internal-combustion engine
Michael Faraday
electric moter
Charles Macintosh
weatherproof fabric
Samuel Colt
Wooden Revolver
Samuel Morse
Morse Code
Joseph Nicephore Neipce
photographic images
Joseph Lister
Elisha Otis
Safety elevators
the Lumiere Brothers
Motion picture camera
John Logie Baird
Television Transmitter
Gottlieb Daimler
Horseless Carriage
Guglielmo Marconi
The Wright Brothers
1st practical airplane
Alessandro Volta
electric battery
Frank Whittle
Jet engine
Laszlo Biro
ballpoint pen
Christopher Cockerell
Theodore Maiman
the Laser
Johann Gutenberg
1st printer
Gerardun Mercator
1st Atlas
Charles Babbage
Digital computer
Mauchley and Eckert
electornic digital computer
Antoine Lavoisier
elements of chemistry
Richard Arkwright
Spinning machine
Thomas Edison
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Archimedes screw (a machine for raising water)
Montgolfier Brothers
Hot-Air Balloon
James Watt
rotary engine
Leanardo da Vinci
armored tank
Christiaan Huygens
Pendulum Clock
Alexander Graham Bell
Isac Newton
Newtons Law of Motion
Thomas Newcomen
Punp for a waterwheel
Edwin Drake
Oil drill
Galileo Galilei
discovered that planets moved around the sun
George Stephenson
Locomotive steam engine
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
single lens microscope
Blaise Pascal
1st calculating machine
Benjamin Franklin
Lighting Rod