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Define technology
Technology refers to the use of tools and resources to solve problems and extend human capabilities
The earliest tools used by humans
3 items generally used by hackers to access computers illegally
1. Computer
2. Modem
3. Phone Line
2 advantages of using computers to design cars
1. Fast and easy
2. Accurate
Technology abuse definition
Misuse of technology
Reason why computer crimes are not reported to the police
the tools used for the crime are computer-based
A rival computer company can benefit from
stealing hardware designs
Define software piracy
Illegal use or copying of software
Difference between conventional crime and computer crime
Computer crime is dishonest practice involving with computers and conventional crime is an act that isn't involving computers
1 function of a backup program
Makes a copy of the files you have selected
Password definition
a special code, word or symbol that must be typed to gain access into the computer
2 rules which a data-collecting agency must follow
1. Only authorized people may collect information
2. Information collected for one purpose, not for any other purposes
Define personal information
Like your credit card number, address, age,telephone number, Et Cetera.
Define privacy
Keeping one's personal information to oneself
1 practice when you suspect a virus attack
Clean it with an antivirus program
2 effects when a virus infects a computer
1. Slows down performance
2. Failed to start up the system
8 products of technology
1. Cars
2. Aeroplanes
3. Televisions
4. MP3 player
5. Microwave ovens
6. Game consoles
7. DVD Players
8. Refrigerators
Good and bad effects of cars
Good - Bring us to our final destination faster
Bad - Air pollution cause by the smoke from the exhaust
Good and bad effects of aeroplanes
Good - Flying us to the other side of the world in a shorter time easily
Bad - Noise pollution from the aeroplane's turbines
Good and bad effects of air-conditioners
Good - Keep us cool
Bad - Substances from the air-conditioner are harmful to the ozone layer
Define hacker
A skilled computer user who breaks into other people's computers to steal information and corrupt data
3 jobs of a hacker
1. accessing to a remote computer
2. destroying data and programs in the remote computer
3. infecting a remote computer with viruses
Define computer crime
Dishonest practice involving computer-based tools
4 types of computer crimes
1. Hardware and software designs
2. Software piracy
3. Information
4. Money and goods
Explain how computer crime involve in hardware and software design
This can be done by another software company or individuals for profit. The design of a new product is very vulnerable can often fall into the hands of a rival computer manufacturer or software company
Explain how computer crime involve in software piracy
Every software package must be legally acquired by the users. There is a licence fee for each package which users must pay. All original software is under the protection of the international copyright law.
Explain how computer crime involve in information
Financial data, customer information, special designs or plans can be stolen from computer files. This act usually done by skilled individuals who are familiar with the system
Explain how computer crime involve in money and goods
Individuals who are skilled in system and program design have found ways to steal money and information by breaking into and manipulating computer system and programs
Define virus
Tiny program that can copy itself onto another disk and destroy the data inside the disk
2 parts of a virus
1. Infector
2. Detonator
Define infector
its job is to copy the whole virus from an infected computer into a disk or into another computer through a network
Define detonator
performs the intended nasty work
5 typical effects of detonators
1. The system can't be booted
2. System performance slows down
3. Part of or all data on the disk is deleted
4. Funny and strange messages appear on the bottom of the screen
5. Files are renamed so that the user can't recall them