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What are the major components of a helicopter?
The cabin, airframe, landing gear, powerplant, transmission, main rotor system, and tail rotor system
What does the cabin area carry?
The cabin is where the payload and crew are carried
What main components are attached to the airframe?
The powerplant or engine and the transmission.
What is the job of the transmission on the helicopter?
It takes the power of the engine and transmits it to the main rotor, which provides the aerodynamic forces that make helicopters fly.
Helicopters can have a _____ _______
rotor or a ______ rotor system
single main

What are the three classifications of rotor systems.
Fully articulated, semi-rigid, or rigid
What are fully articulated rotor systems?
Usually consists of 3 or more blades. The blades are aloud to flap, feather, and lead or lag independently of each other.
What does feathering mean on rotors?
The changing of the pitch angle of the rotor blades.
Rigid rotor systems cannot flap or lead and lag, but they can be ______
Semi rigid rotors allow for two different movements. What are they?
Flapping and feathering. This allows the blades to see saw together. As one blade flaps down the other flaps up
What does the antitorque produce?
It produces thrust to oppose torque and helps prevent the helicopter from turning in the opposite direction of the main rotor.
What is Fenestron on the helicopter?
Fan in tail design of the antitorque rotor.
What is the Notar system?
Uses a low pressure air that is forced into the tailboom by a fan mounted within the helicopter for directional control
Common type of landing gear on a helicopter
What is an airfoil?
Is any surface such as an airplane wing or a rotor blade, that provide aerodynamic force when it interacts with a moving stream of air
Symmetrical Blades have
the same camber. the upper and lower curvatures are the same
asymmetrical rotor blades
vary on curvatures
When referring to an airfoil, the span
is the distance from the rotor hub to the blade tip.
What are the flight controls?
The cyclic pitch control, the collective pitch control, the throttle, the anti-torque pedals
what is relative wind created by
It is created by the motion of an airfoil through the air, by the motion of air past an airfoil, or by a combination of both
Relative wind may be affected by what factors
rotation of the rotor blades, horizontal movement of the helicopter, flapping of the rotor blades, and wind speed and direction
For a helicopter relative wind is
the flow of air with respect to the rotor blades