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Which of the following defines religion?
Man's recognition of his relationship to God and the expressions of that relationship in faith, worship, and conduct.

A belief in a divine or subhuman power to be obeyed and worshipped.

The profession or practice of religious beliefs, religious observances and rites.
Which of the following are basic similarities among religions?
Each religion has it's own rituals and honored places.

Most have some form of sacred writings that guide the faithful.
Which of the following is NOT true according to our discussion about faith and religion?
Christianity is only a way of life.

All religions are OK as long as you practice them and are sincere.
The most difficult concept Christians have with their faith is?
Work Righteousness
Which of the following is true about the two main religions of the world?
Religion of the people; people must do something to be saved.

Western and eastern religions are the two main religions.
What is the meaning of the deep hole story?
None of the above.
In our exercise "create your own religion" we learned?
All of the above.
According to our discussion what are the three parts of the "triangle" of faith?


Faith comes to people by?
Hearing the Word of God
From the story of Blondin, the tightrope walker, we learned?
As Christians "we can put all our eggs in one basket" faith in Jesus Christ.

Trust is an important ingredient of faith.
Which of the following are fallacies people have about religion?
All religions are the same as long as you put them into practice.

Being sincere is more important than the type of religion you believe in.

Good works are more important than faith.

Rituals are essential if you are to have a lasting faith.
Which of the following is true about the concept of natural law?
Explains why religions have some common teachings between them.

Can be explained when God wrote the Law into man's heart.

Explains why most religions have a variation of the Golden Rule.
Which of the following is the only absolute source of truth?
Faith in the Word of God
When God doesn't give us what we deserve this is called?
When we get God's blessings which we don't deserve this is known as?
According to our discussion, Christianity can best be described as?

Which of the following describes the difference between Christianity and other religions?
In world religions, a person has a relationship with teachings, ideas, paths, and rituals.

Through Jesus, a person can have a relationship with a loving and powerful God.

Christianity offers a real freedom from sin and guilt through Christ.
Man assisting the Holy Spirit is man's conversion in faith is known as?
The founder of Jainism is?
The Pali Cannon is the sacred writings of?
The good deity in Zoroastrianism is?
Ahura Mazda
There may or may not be a God. If there is a God there is no way we can understand or know him?
A belief in one God as creator and ruler of the world?
Belief in existence of individual spirits that inhabit nature?
Every living thing is of the same substance or being. Hinduism is an example of this type of religion?
A good god battles against an evil god. Zoroastrianism is an example?
Competing dualism
God created the universe and then left. The world is controlled by natural laws. Man must use reason to solve his own problems?
There is no god. Everything in the world is energy and matter?
Marxism and Humanism?
Belief in many gods?
One unifying force from which all things come, everything is of the same substance. Equates God and nature as the same?
Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson?
Two opposing but balancing forces / yin and yang?
Balancing dualism
Includes Shinto and any forms of "folk religion"?
What are the five major world religions in order from largest to smallest?




Which of the following is NOT true regarding terms used to identify dates?
AD means After Death of Christ
The factors used to determine the major religions of the world include?

Number of adherents
Which of the following are considered an Abrahamic faith?


Many religions have very similar beliefs and teachings. According to our discussion this can be attributed to?
Natural law
According to the time line we discussed in class, secular scholars say that the oldest religion is?
The event that signifies the birth of the Christian Church is?
Powerful but detached God
There is no God
There are many gods?
Followers believe they are God?
New Age
God is loving and approachable?
Christ's salvation is available to all those who positively respond to the truth they have, whether it is creation, conscience, another religion or other means?
Christian Inclusivism
A Christian view that all people will eventually be saved
Acknowledge that in no other religion is any saving truth found?
Christian Exclusivism
There are different paths up the same mountain but all arrive at the summit?
Religious Pluralism
The old Indian tale about blind men describing an elephant is used to support this idea?
Religious Pluralism
In Acts 10 Cornelius is referred to as "a devout man... who feared God" even before he heard the gospel. This is used to support this idea?
Christian Inclusivism
In Acts 10: 27-48: Cornelius meets Paul and "They received the Holy Spirit just as we have. This supports this idea?
Christian Exclusivism
Even though there are many superficial differences among world religions, at heart they are fundamentally the same?
Religious Pluralism
Biblically Christianity is true, and other religions are false?
Christian Exclusivism
Acts 4:12?
Christian Exclusivism
Anonymous Christians?
Christian Inclusivism
Communist Manifesto in 1948?
"Let the force be with you"?
Equality for all people?
Belief in God?
What is true for me may not be true for you?
Many primal religions believe in the existence of a number of spirits who have great influence over human life and with whom contact can be made through rituals?
Reason is capable of knowing God and His will for man; no need for God's revealed revelation to man?
God is irrelevant?
There is no absolute truth; not God, not science and not reason?
Man creates his own meaning and value through personal choices?
An extreme form of secular humanism; life is meaningless?
God is the creator of the universe and still controls it?
Man can solve problems through science and reason?
All values and beliefs are equal?
God and nature are the same substance?
Humanist Manifesto in 1933 and 1973?
After World War II this replaced naturalism as the main worldview?
Is the most similar to secular humanism?
The only sin is intolerance to other beliefs and views?
Founder was Soren Kierkegaard?
Founder was believed to be Friedrich Nietzsche?
God sent His Son to save man from his problems?
Charles Darwin?
Thomas Payne and Benjamin Franklin?
Albert Einstein and Helen Keller?
The universe is basically a machine governed by universal laws; God doesn't exist?
May be theistic, pantheistic or atheistic; very adaptable?
Each person must determine the meaning that he/she wishes to assign to life and gain fulfillment through that pursuit by the choices they make?
Truth is the absolute denial of everything?
Islam, Judaism, and Christianity?
Denial of real value in anything; no right or wrong, no beauty, no knowledge, etc?
Education is the guide to life; how man reaches his potential?
Absolute dedication to tolerance?
God created the universe, but really isn't involved with man or the world today?
Humanity's problems can be solved by economic, political and social means?
The great watchmaker?
The foundation belief for secular humanism and Marxism?
God is all and all is God?
Religion is the opiate for people?
All truth is relative and situational; truth changes?
People honor the spirits of their dead ancestors in the hope that they will pass their prayers on to a higher spirit?
Animals, plants, and innate objects can have a spirit?
Progress and evolution will occur; they are inevitable?
Many of its proponents become depressed, insane, suicidal or lost in fantasy?
Choices people make are driven by survival; people seek fulfillment through material comfort and personal dignity?
Star Wars?
Jurassic Park?
Forrest Gump?
"God is dead, and man killed him"?
"Religion is the opiate for people"?
"I think therefore I am" -the Father of doubt?
Since knowledge concerning deities cannot be obtained, one cannot know whether God or gods exist?
A belief in many gods?
Denies the existence of God or gods?
A belief in one God?
The worship of one god without denying the existence of other gods?
Similar to pantheism; all life is the same substance and part of God?
Secular humanism?
Nothing can be known for sure; one should always question the reliability of sense perception, since it may be deceptive; reason also has strict limits?
Shinto and ancient world religions in Mediterranean?
Judaism, Islam, and Bahai?
There is no absolute truth?
God was the source of all truth?
Rejected spiritual truth for reason?
Age of Enlightenment?
Resulted after realizing that man couldn't solve all of mankind's problems?
Started with Renaissance and lasted for 300+ years?
Objective truth?
Reason and man became god?
Which of the following is true about animism?
Spirits are seen as mediators between God and man.
Which of the following are true about animism?
Charms and rituals can manipulate the spirits according to a person's will.

God exists but is beyond our abilities to know or communicate with Him.

Spirits have the power to harm or benefit us.

Spirits have power over nature.

Spirits are limited to one geographic location.
Which of the following is a major difference between Deism and Naturalism?
None of the above correctly state the differencs.
Which of the following is the difference between a worldview and religion?
Worldview includes religious beliefs and other experiences that affect a person's behavior.
"Many who believe in Jesus as their Savior, do no accept Him as Lord of their life." This quote by Barna explains which of the following?
All of the above.
Which of the following is NOT true for worldviews?
You can have a worldview or religion, but not both.
Which of the following is NOT secular humanism?
Belief in God is a viable option.
Which of the following are reasons that postmodernism is troublesome for Christianity?
Its very adaptable to any religious belief.

Its attractive to people because they can shape their beliefs to their liking.

Because there is no right or wrong, you can decide what truth is to you.
The secular world believes there should be different levels of truth. Which of the following supports this secular idea?
Two story building; one for personal spiritual beliefs and second for everyday life.

Heart and Head: Heart used for religion and head used for science.

Two areas; values for spiritual life and facts for everyday life.
Which of the following is true of objective truth?
Is defined by God.
Which of the following characteristics is true about objective truth?

Which of the following were reasons there was a shift in truth during the modern period?
Religious wars that cost countless numbers of lives and brought misery to people.

Development of science as a way to solve problems.

Religion no longer seen as universal.
The event that finally did away with the need for God?
Origin of species
Which of the following scientists were Christians and believed science was a way to understand the wonderful world God had created?


The one event in 1456 that helped spread information more than any other was?
Printing press
In 1054 the Great Schism caused the split of the Church. After the split the two main Christian church bodies were?

The Age of Enlightenment is also known as the Age of?
Where was the 3 ancient river cultures found?


The one event that changed Asia Minor from a Christian area to an Islamic one was?
Muslim Conquest
Which of the following is known as the beginning of the Christian Church?
The disciples were called Christians first at?
The persecution of the early church came from two main forces. These forces included?

What were the two major dangers that threatened the early church?
False Teachers and Persecutions
The persecution of Christians started with which of the following events?
Stoning of Stephen
In Galatians 4: 4-5 we read "but when the time had fully come, God sent his son.." This means that?
God shaped world history for the coming of Christ.
The two languages used throughout the Roman Empire were?
Latin and Greek
Which of the following is true of Pax Romana?
It lasted for 200 years

Peace, prosperity and stability were enjoyed throughout the empire.

God used these favorable conditions to spread His gospel.
Which of the following promoted Pax Romana?
Many roads were built throughout the empire for safe and quick travel.

Communication was accomplished through two languages.

Advanced system of courts; brought order and stability.
Expectations for a Messiah were carried around the world with Jews as they were dispersed. This Diaspora caused by?
Persecution and exile

Travel and business opportunities

Safety reasons
What two challenges did the early church face?
Heresy from within the church

Persecution from the Jews(initially)

Persecution from the Romans (later)
Which of the following benefited God's work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ?
Greek language

Pax Romana

Constantinople became an important Christian center in 325 A.D. What are two of the four major centers of Christianity before this time?
Rome and Antioch

Jerusalem and Alexandria
What two things did the early church do to fight false teachings?
Convened ecumenical councils

Wrote creeds to summarize correct teachings
Which of the following were reasons why Romans outlawed Christianity?
Christians were accused of incest and cannibalism

Christians refused to bow to the emperor

Christians believed they had the only true religion; thought to be arrogant
Which of the following best describes the "paganizations of Christian Church"?
Occurred when unregenerated people were forced to join the Christian Church.
Which of the following is true about the Mohammedan conquests?
All of the above.
Which of the following would be considered the theme of the First Crusade?
God wills it
What were the benefits of the Crusades?
Christendom became united

The papacy was weakened because it promoted a fruitless war

Intellectual pursuits were stimulated; study and learning became important
Which of the following were unfavorable results of the Crusades?
All of the above.
Why were martyrs considered the seed of the church?
Because of their witness of how they died

People longed for the joy and peace they had
New pagan converts in Constantine's time found it very difficult to adapt to the new faith of one God and worship of the invisible God in Spirit and Truth. To solve this problem the church did which of the following?
Permitted the image worship and prayer to dead saints for meditation

Replaced pagan festivals with celebrating saints birthdays

Prayers were offered to Mary in 431 AD as the "mother of God"
Religions that deny the deity of Christ?
Insisted that Gentiles fulfill all of the Jewish ceremonial laws in order to be saved?
He taught that Jesus really wasn't divine?
Taught that man really wasn't dead in sins and that good works could save man?
Creed written to denounce Arius teaching?
Creed written by the Apostles?
Creed used during communion Sundays?
States "proceeds from the Father and the Son". Caused a major problem between the east and the west?
Images venerated; worship what the images represented?
Universal or worldwide?
In his Easter Letter he established the books of the New Testament. He also fought against the teaching that Jesus wasn't truly God?
He is considered the greatest theologian since the apostles. From scripture he defined the doctrine of the Trinity?
At 18 he sold everything he had and lived in the desert of Egypt. Known as the Father of monasticism?
St. Anthony
He wrote the City of God?
Fought against the teachings of Pelagius?
The Reformation divided the western church into 5 groups. Which of the following are included in this group?
Lutheran, Catholic, Reformed, and Anabaptist.
Which of the following martyrs died along with their child and their story became devotional literature for Christians?
Which of the following was a disciple of the Apostle John? After he was martyred his bones were saved and started the collected of religious relics?
In 313 AD, Christianity became a legal religion. Who was the emperor at the time?
What we know about the early church comes from several sources. Which of the following are some of these?
All of the above
This movement replaced martyrdom after the cessation of persecution?
This false teaching believed you needed special knowledge to be saved. They also taught that anything material like the flesh was evil, while all spiritual things were good?
During the 4th Century there was a period of classical development of Christian theology. Which of the following are NOT true about this period?
The Church established new doctrines to fight against heresy.
During the middle ages the rosary, relics, pilgrimages and indulgences were practices developed in the church. Today these are considered signs of?
Works Righteousness
Which of the following are true about the Middle Ages?
All of the above
Was known as the dumb ox. He taught theology was in harmony with reason. His theology became normative for Roman Catholic tradition?
Developed the rules on how a monastery should run?
St. Benedict
He wrote the Vulgate; the Latin version of the Bible?
Known as the Father of Scholasticism - "I believe in order to understand" - Faith must lead to the right use of reason?
St. Anselem
An early reformer of the church - He said my goose is cooked but in 100 years a swan will come that you will not be able to destroy?
Translated the Vulgate into English for the common man. Known as the Morning Star of the Reformation?
He wrote Praise and Folly that mocked the practices of the church. He also wrote a critical Greek and Latin version of the New Testament. Pointed out all the mistakes in the Vulgate?
A school of thought that said all questions could be answered from theology?
A school of thought that said knowledge came from not only theology but also medicine and science?
Seen as a humble servant of God, he went against the practices of the church and focused on ministering to the poor and those in need. Compared to Mother Teresa?
St. Francis of Assisi
He laid the egg that Luther hatched?
He reconstructed a Greek New Testament. With a parallel column he provided a new Latin translation. His book also included over a thousand notes that pointed out common errors in the interpreting of the Bible?
The early reformers were often killed and their movements died. Which of the following represents the ideas and practices they wanted accepted?
All of the above
Which of the problems plagued the Medieval Church?
All of the above
Martin Luther tried to satisfy a just God by good works. What question could Luther not answer?
When is enough good works enough?
Which of the following are the three solas that emerged from the Reformation?
Grace, Faith, and Scripture
Which of the following were results of the Lutheran Reformation?
Translated Bible into German

Priesthood of all believers

3 solas
Luther and Zwingli met at Marburg, Germany to resolve difference in doctrine so the two movements could join into one church body. They were unable to agree on one point that kept the two church bodies apart to this day. That one point was?
Lord's Supper
What did the Roman Catholic Church do to "counter" the Reformation?
All of the above
Which of the following in NOT true about the favorable consequence of the crusades?
Christendom was divided
Which of the following did the reformers preach against in regards to the western church and the pope?
All of the above
Which of the following were reasons the conditions were favorable for the Reformation movement?
Civil leaders were tired of papal interference in governmental matters

People couldn't speak Latin

There was widespread discontent with corruption of the Church and clergy
In 1536 English Parliament passed the Ten Articles that established the Church of England. Which of the following was a spiritual reason for doing this?
None of the above- There wasn't a spiritual reason
Which of the following effects did the Reformation have on European Christendom?
All of the above
What secular effects did the Reformation have on society?
Education was encouraged
According to Luther's concept of "Priesthood of all believers"?
Man no longer needs an earthly mediator between God and man

Because of Christ, man can pray to God directly
Which of the following is true about how the church viewed indulgences?
They were based on the "extra merits" of Jesus and the saints

They could be purchased only from the church

They would reduce the amount of time a person had to spend in purgatory

With plenary indulgences you didn't even have to be sorry for your sins
Which of the following does NOT summarize Luther's teaching?
Sola merci
Which of the following was reason for the Great Schism of 1054?
Controversy over image worship
Emperor Theodosius made Christianity a state religion. Which of the following were reason that this was helpful to the church?
None of the above were helpful
He wrote the "Institutes of the Christian Religion" which defined Reformed theology. Follows the format of the Apostles Creed?
He discovered the truth of salvation by studying Romans 1:17 while preparing to teach?
During his lifetime in England, men and women were burned at the stake for teaching their children the Apostles Creed and Ten Commandments in English?
He preached against the use of mercenaries and was killed in a battle convinced he must take up arms in service to God against the Catholics. Started the Reformed movement in Zurich, Switzerland?
This group was against Reformed teaching of infant baptism and wanted separation from church and state?
This religious group wanted to purify the Church of England of all its catholic practices and beliefs?
This group wanted to separate from the Church of England of all its catholic practices and beliefs?
What does Tertullian mean by his statement "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?"
What does reason have to do with faith
Which of the following DOES NOT correctly summarize John Wesley's theology?
Not listed, all of the above are parts of John Wesley's theology.
Luther called it the "Devil's whore" because it is so very enticing and leads men to destruction and damnation?
Brilliant philosopher, mathematician, and inventor; he defended the Jansenists and acknowledged the limitations of human reason?
Another name for Wesleyan?
This group/ movement was opposed to rationalism and sought revival by emphasizing the importance of new birth, personal faith, and Christian experience. Started in Dutch Reform church and really grew in the German church under the effort of Philip Spener's work?
The Charismatic preacher of the English Awakening. He centered his theology on old Puritan themes of original sin, justification by faith, and regeneration. A member of the "Holy Club" he was instrumental in the Awaking in American colonies even though he only was in America for 6 months?
George Whitfield
The time period between 1300-1700. Claimed that human reason and creative power would lead to a better world. Also known as rationalism. It replaced faith as source of truth?
Age of Enlightenment
Founded by John Wesley. Believe putting faith into action was more important than doctrine - "Deeds not creeds"?
He set the Methodist theology to music by writing over 7,000 songs and poems. A member of the "Holy Club"?
Charles Wesley
He was a failure in as a missionary in Georgia but upon return to England started a movement that lives on today. Was most concerned with putting his faith into action and helping those in need.-The practical application of the Gospel. A member of the "Holy Club"?
John Wesley
He edited the Bible by taking out anything that didn't make sense?
Thomas Jefferson
The founder of the Great Awakening in America?
Jonathan Edwards
Known as this in the American colonies. It was a time of spiritual renewal and revival?
Great Awakening
Another name for the Age of Enlightenment is the Age of?
Means against or instead of laws. The faulty belief, because of grace Christians are no longer in need of the law?
Means faithful wife in Sanskrit. The custom of a Hindu widow willingly being cremated on the funeral pyre of her husband as an indication of her devotion to him?
Killing of infants in tribal groups of India. Usually only female or sickly/ deformed children but also the firstborn as a sacrifice?
This prison was stormed in 1789 by a mob. It was the beginning of the French Revolution?
Known as the Father of Modern Missions. Greatly influenced by Jonathan Edwards theology, he spent his life spreading the gospel throughout India?
William Carey
Wrote the communist Manifesto. He said that religion was an opiate for the people?
Developed the theory of evolution. God was no longer needed to explain the origins of life?
He said that religion is "the universal obsessional neurosis of humanity". Believed man didn't have a soul and therefore religion wasn't necessary. He had a major influence on modern psychology?
He said "God is dead" and belief in the Christian God has become unworthy of belief?
He wrote the "Cost of Discipleship and Letters and Papers from Prison"?
One of the greatest Protestant theologians in 20th century. He was against the Nazi control of the church and expressed that opposition in the Barmen Declaration of 1934. He was convinced that liberal theology was bankrupt?
Karl Barth
A German Lutheran pastor that was executed in WW II for his involvement with conspirators to kill Hitler. He believed that Christian discipleship meant costly involvement in modern secular society?
As pope he was committed to justice and peace and encouraged a social order that encourages human dignity. He criticized the injustices of both communism and capitalism. He wanted to bring the church to its traditions?
John Paul II
Which of the following is a source of truth for all people?

The common prayer pattern ACTS gives a common prayer method we can use in our daily prayers. Which of the following correctly describes ACTS?
Thanking God for who He is and what he has done

Praising and worshipping God for who He is

Naming our faults and sins to God

Asking God for help for others and ourselves
Why should Christians study, rather than dismiss other world religions?
We live in a pluralistic society and it is good to understand who our neighbor is

Because they are fun and fascinating to study

Your personal faith may grow as you compare other traditions with your beliefs

Religion plays an important role in world politics, history, and culture

It prepares Christians to witness to other faiths
Marxism, Naturalism, and Nihilism
As pope he called the Vatican Council II?
An Englishman that came to faith in Jesus later in life. A great Christian writer that defended the Christian faith. He wrote "Mere Christianity and "The Chronicles of Narnia" along with many other great works?
C.S. Lewis
This church was against the Nazi control of the church in Germany?
Confessing Church
Christ was born about this time?
4 BC
Constantinople was conquered by the Turks. The intellectuals fled to Rome?
1453 AD
The Muslims conquered Mecca?
630 AD
Rome was sacked for the first time in 1000 years by Alaric and the Germanic Visigoths?
410 AD
The Great Schism; the Church split into the Catholic and Orthodox churches?
1054 AD
The "birth" of the Christian Church?
30 AD
Rome burnt; Nero blamed the Christians?
64 AD
Around this time the printing press was invented?
1456 AD
Battle of Tours; Martel turns back the Muslim invasion of Europe?
732 AD
Edict of Toleration; Official persecution of Christians stops?
313 AD
The Roman Empire was divided into an eastern and western Roman empires?
395 AD
Apostle Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome by Nero?
64-67 AD
The council of Nicea was held to resolve the controversy over the divinity of Jesus?
325 AD
Luther posted the 95 Theses; the start of the Protestant Reformation?
1517 AD
The Black Death enters Europe from China by Italian merchant ships returning from a trip to Black Sea?
1347 AD
The current country that was known as Asia Minor?
The country that includes ancient Persia?
The country that contains ancient Assyria?
At one time was known as Gaul?
The northern part of this country contains Macedonia?
The country that contains Babylon?
The Apostle John left Jerusalem and lived in Ephesus as he took care of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Which country would Ephesus be found in today?
The ancient city of Carthage is found in this country?
The city of Alexandria is found in this country?
The city of Antioch is located in this country today?
Apostle John was exiled on the Island of Patmos where he wrote Revelations. This Island was between Asia Minor and Macedonia. What sea was this island in?
Mesopotamia is a region in present-day Iraq between which two rivers?
Tigris and Euphrates
Emperor Constantine moved his capital city east and named it Constantinople. What is the present day name of this location today?
Abraham was born in Ur. What present day city is closest to it today?
Which of the following cities was the gateway between Europe and Asia?
The ancient city of Nineveh is today known as?
The ancient city of Babylon is located near what present day city?
The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are located in Palestine. What river connects these two bodies of water?
This body of water connects the five major early Christian centers?
Mediterranean Sea
What country borders Iran to the east?
The center of western church was located in Rome. In which country would you find Rome today?
The date that is recognized as the beginning of the Reformation?
October 31, 1517
The person God used to reform church practices like indulgences?
Was written by Luther as a handbook for clergy?
Large Catechism
Considered the birth of the Christian Church in 30 AD?
Shows us our sins?
This article states "The Word of God shall establish articles of faith, and no one else, not even an angel" - Only the Word establishes truth and doctrine, not popes or councils!
Smalcald Articles
The "ways" God gives spiritual blessings to people secured by Christ?
Means of grace
The concept that God has elected some people to be saved and some to be lost?
Double predestination
Was presented to Emperor Charles V in 1530 as a confession of the Lutheran faith?
Augsburg Confession
Was written in defense of the Augsburg Confession and against the Confutation?
Apology to Augsburg Confession
Developed by Lutheran theologians to resolve major controversies that arose after Luther's death. This writing was said to be a restatement of the catechism?
Formula of Concord
Confession and reaffirmation of the Holy Trinity. Used during Trinity Sunday?
Athanasian Creed
He wrote the Treatise on Power and Primacy of the Pope?
Contains 10 articles known as the Lutheran Confessions?
Book of Concord
The three "solas"?
Grace, Faith, and Scripture
By ____ alone?
through ____ alone?
on the basis of ____ alone?
Name emphasizes that the church beliefs focus on the justification by faith?
The process by which the Holy Spirit brings us to faith and helps us lead a godly life?
The process by which a just and holy God declares sinners righteous?
This word means agreement?
List the four largest Christian groups in the world?
Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican
Besides the U.S. and Canada, what are the top three countries Lutherans are found today?
Germany, Sweden, and Finland
This was an early attempt of rationalist to incorporate their ideas into religion. They believed that God created the world, but He is not interested or involved in the world or man. Through reason man must do for himself. Name this type of rationalistic belief?
Give an example of a well-known person who believed in deism?
Benjamin Franklin
For early Christians, God was the source of all truth. What was the source of truth for a rationalist?
In 1839, 750 Saxon immigrants seeking religious freedom settled in Missouri. In what county did they settle?
Who was their leader?
Martin Stephan
Who was the leader of the Saxony group after Martin Stephan was deported to Illinois?
CFW Walther
Many Germans left Germany for religious freedom. List two reasons for this?
Religious Rationalism and the Prussian Union
Pastor Wilhelm Loehe in Bavaria sent pastors to serve as missionaries in the Saginaw Valley. Later the churches they formed joined with the Saxons and Hanoverians to form the LCMS. Name one of these locations/cities?
In 1847, the LCMS was formed by joining three major groups. They included the Saxons, Franconians, and Hanoverians. The Hanoverians came from Indiana. Where in the U.S. did the Saxons and Franconians come from?
Saxons from Missouri

Franconians from Saginaw Valley
Besides Germany, what other European area did Lutherans come from?
What does LWML stand for?
Lutheran Women Missionary League
What does LLL stand for?
Lutheran Layman League
Which Lutheran organization "Brings Christ to the Nations"?
Historical, cultural, and sociological factors divided the early church. What was the major cause of this division?
Interpretation of Bible
What was the major reason for denominationalism?
Different Beliefs
We do not consider Jehovah Witness and Mormons as Christians. What doctrine do they reject?
Who is President of LCMS today?
Gerald Kieschnick
According to LCMS doctrine, does a believer accept or receive Jesus Christ as Savior?
Helping the Holy Spirit with your conversion is known as?
What are the three major groups of Lutherans today. Order them from largest to smallest?


In August 1997, ELCA joined into full communion fellowship with 3 church groups. Name one of the three?
Reformed Church of America
Why was the LCMS against the merger?
Different Views
LCMS is committed external unity based on?
List four beliefs or practices of ELCA that are contrary to LCMS?
Ordination of Women, Homosexuality, Abortion, and Church Fellowship
LCMS and WELS agree on many doctrinal issues. List two that they don't agree on?
Role of women in church and the doctrine of the ministry
Joining with members of another faith in prayer is considered what by WELS?
In the early 1970's some of the St. Louis Seminary faculty and students walked out in protest over freedom of scriptural interpretation. This was known as what?
Because of SEMINEX over 100,000 members were lost to LCMS. What was the big deal over?
Interpretation of Bible
The LCMS Concordia University System is made up of 10 colleges across the country. Which Concordia is closest to LHWL?
Concordia Ann Arbor
Which Concordia did Mr. Unger and Mr. Gerlach graduate from?
There are 35 Districts that make up the LCMS. Most of these districts are organized based on what characteristic?
Which LCMS district is LHWL found in?
The International Center of LCMS is found where?
St. Louis
Is against women being ordained as pastors?
Doesn't allow women to vote in congregational affairs?
In 1988 the merger of 3 Lutheran Church bodies formed this new synod?
In 1997, this synod began joint fellowship with three non-Lutheran church bodies?
Believes praying with others not members of your synod is considered unionism and is wrong?
Accepts the Bible as 100% accurate and source of all truth?
Believes the Lutheran Confession is a historical document and not always applicable?
Has the largest group of Lutheran grades schools and high schools?
Doesn't make a clear stand on abortion and homosexuality but tends to support it with its actions?
Has the largest group of Lutheran colleges?
Valparaiso is a member of this synod?
The Concordia University System?
Believes unity is more important than doctrinal agreement?
Concordia Publishing House?
What does LCMS stand for?
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
What does WELS stand for?
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Name the website for LCMS?
Opposes woman suffrage; believes it is contrary to scripture?
Is against prayer fellowship outside of its synod?
By not speaking against homosexuality and abortion, they support it?
Evolved from the Anabaptist Church?
Is against having women pastors in the church?
Believes tradition is an important source of truth?
Believes the Bible is without error?
Believes that the Bible requires agreement in all Biblical teachings to have church fellowship?
Has fellowship with the Presbyterian Church, Reformed Church, and United Church of Christ?
7 Sacraments?
Orthodox and Catholic
Purgatory and indulgences?
No infant baptism?
Baptist and Anabaptist
John Smyth?
John Knox?
Book of Common Prayer?
John Wesley?
Catholic and Orthodox
Governed by presbyters?
Icons valuable worship aids?
Presbyterian and Reformed
39 Articles of Faith?
Articles of Faith?
Amish and shunning?
King Henry VIII?
Umbrella Church?
Double Predestination?
Reformed and Presbyterian
Protestant Episcopal?
Deeds not creeds?
Apostolic succession?
Anglican, Orthodox, and Holiness Bodies
Seperation from church and state?
Each local church is independent?
Largest protestant group in USA?
Arminian church?
Calvinistic Church?
Presbyterian and Reformed
Church of the Nazarene?
Holiness Bodies
Protestant group that is for unity but only in cases of doctrinal agreement?
Lutheran - LCMS
The Apocrypha and tradition are sources of truth along with the Bible?
Orthodox and Catholic
Have two sacraments and 5 rites of sacramental character?
The Puritans and Separatists broke away from this church body?
Three major nationalities formed this church body; Dutch, German, and Scottish?
The name means "universal church"?
The church that believes it holds the traditional and established faith of the apostles- known as "right teaching"?
Church of England?
The Separatist group under John Smyth that developed into this church body?
The two church bodies that were left after the Great Schism in 1054?
Catholic and Orthodox
Believe in the real presence of Christ during communion?
Lutheran - LCMS
Believe in the spiritual presence of Christ in the Lord's Supper?
Presbyterian and Reformed
Believe the Lord's Supper and Baptism are means of grace?
Lutheran - LCMS
Key doctrines include baptism by Holy Spirit and Complete Sanctification?
Holiness Bodies
Council of Trent?
Westminster Confession?
Holiness Bodies
Grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone?
Lutheran - LCMS
The Lord's Supper is the true body and blood of Christ in, with, and under the bread and wine?
Lutheran - LCMS
Assumption and Immaculate Conception?
Mortal and venial sins?
Queen Elizabeth formed a church that included Catholic, Calvinistic, and Lutheran beliefs?
This Separatist group was greatly influenced by the Mennonite Church in Holland?
Synod of Dordrecht?
Vatican Council II?
Believes they are the only true visible church on Earth?
Orthodox and Catholic
5 Sacraments?
The Pentecostals and perfectionists churches?
Holiness Bodies
Theology that teaches we are not dead in our sins, only sick with sin. We can help ourselves?
The process by which the bread and wine permanently change into the body and blood of Christ?
The process of dipping the bread into the wine during the Lord's Supper?
A group of churches that follow the teachings of Zwingli and Calvin?
The principle that states before creation God chose to save some people by grace but damn others to eternal punishment?
Double Predestination
This means to "work together" with the Holy Spirit for man's faith and salvation?
The Reformed church focus on God's sovereignty. Lutherans focus on God's?
The Lutheran church refers to man as forgiven, the Methodist refers to man as perfected, and the Reformed church refers to man as?
When an individual is old enough to be responsible for their beliefs?
Age of accountability
When church members are not expected to subsribe to a specific creed?
The words in the Nicene Creed "The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son" caused the church to split in 1054?
Which of the following reasons are why the Anglican Church was started?
Was for political reasons

King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife to marry another
The word tulip has become a common acrostic for summarizing the five points of Calvinistic Theology declared at Synod of Dort against the beliefs of Arminianism. Which of the following is not one of these Calvinistic beliefs?
Christ died for only those who will be saved, not all sinners.

Once you have faith a believer can lose their faith.
How do Roman Catholics believe they are saved?
Through grace and works
Which of the following is a source of truth for Roman Catholics?
Scripture, The Pope, Church Councils, and Sacred Traditions
Which of the following is a belief of the Eastern Orthodox Church?
Practices the veneration and intercession to certain saints and angels

Considers tradition on par or above the Bible

Salvation is a process by which the believer becomes more like God through faith and love
Why do Protestants not accept the Apocrypha as part of scripture?
All of the above
Which of the following is NOT a distinctive characteristic of the Holiness Bodies?
Which of the following is NOT a distinctive doctrine of the Holiness Bodies?
Not listed - All of the above beliefs of holiness bodies
Which of the following is true NOT about millennial beliefs?
It is a thousand year reign of Christ

It is based in part on Revelation 20:6
Which of the following are examples of the Counter Reformation by the Catholic Church?
All of the above
Queen Elizabeth established the Church of England by combining three major church bodies in England. Name these three?
Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed
The Anabaptist broke away from the Reformed Church in 1525 for which two reasons?
They were against infant baptism

They were against the union of the church and state
Which of the following is NOT true about the Salvation Army?
Non-Christian organization whose goal is to help the poor.
The Baptist Church was founded on which of the following two principles?
Adult Baptism

Independent rule by each congregation
That authority from Jesus was passed on to the apostles and then to successive church officials through time?
Apostolic succession
The type of sins that must be confessed to the priest or you will not be saved?
Mother Mary did not die, but was taken up to heaven alive?
Having a deep respect for saints in the hope that they will intercede on your behalf?
To become like God here on Earth through good works?
What is a religious denomination?
A group of believers who share the same views and beliefs.
Why are there different religious denominations?
Because they have different interpretations of the Bible.
What is the problem with having denominations?
Division and Diversity
What is the "Apostate Church"?
Very enticing Church body that leads others away from their beliefs.
Similar to Buddhism thought?
New Translation of the Bible?
Jehovah's Witness
The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints?
The promise land is Ethiopia?
Craft of the Wise?
Dreadlocks are in; bald-heads are not?
Christians should encourage them to put their Watchtower aside for one week and read the Bible only?
Jehovah's Witness
Similar to Buddhism thought?
New Translation of the Bible?
Jehovah's Witness
The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints?
The promise land is Ethiopia?
Craft of the Wise?
Dreadlocks are in; bald-heads are not?
Christians should encourage them to put their Watchtower aside for one week and read the Bible only?
Jehovah's Witness
Teach salvation is achieved by character?
"Knowing how to know"?
Smoking marijuana is a holy sacrament; it is key to help you understand yourself, the universe, and god?
Christ died on a stake not the cross?
Jehovah's Witness
Accept a wide variety of different beliefs?
Believes in universal salvation and unity of a diversity of beliefs?
Is classified as an occult?
Problems, illness, and unhappiness comes from a lack of awareness of ourselves and our surroundings?
Kingdom Hall?
Jehovah's Witness
Attraction is high moral values and deep devotion to family?
Rastas are the supreme race, incarnations of ancient tribes of Israel?
Isaiah 43:10 - "You are my witness" declares the Lord?
Jehovah's Witness
Cast spells that have a positive change in society?
Joseph Smith and Brigham Young?
Deny the concept of eternal punishment. Eventually everyone will be saved?
The Pearls of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants?
God is called Jehovah?
Jehovah's Witness
Day of the Dead?
Goal is to be one of the 144,000?
Jehovah's Witness
If you are not a member of this group you will cease to exist after death?
Jehovah's Witness
They focus more on race than on the relationship with God?
If worthy, each man will become a god and inherit their own planet?
You must be baptized into the church by immersion in order to be saved?
Has its roots from the Congregational and Episcopalian Church?
Ron L. Hubbard and Dianetics?
Refuse to vote in political elections or salute the flag?
Jehovah's Witness
Marcus Garvey?
God was once flesh and blood?
Babies are spiritual beings in heaven before they are born into human bodies on earth?
Claims to be liberal religion in the Jewish and Christian traditions?
Jehovah's Witness
Operating Thetans "OT" are free from the cycle of birth and death. They become immortal?
Fastest growing religion on college campuses?
Final authority is the Living Prophet, not the Bible?
Convert a lot of Christians to the faith by missionaries?
Evangelism is an important part of their good works to reach their ultimate goal of salvation?
Jehovah's Witness
Don't celebrate birthdays or holidays?
Jehovah's Witness
Go door to door to evangelize and earn their salvation?
Jehovah's Witness
Ancient gold plates explain the history and beliefs of an ancient culture that was destroyed along with the true teachings of Jesus Christ?
Summerland, a place you go and wait for a new physical body?
A self-help religious system?
Personal experience, reason, and conscience are the final authorities?
Baptism of the Dead?
Believe in three gods, but not the Trinity?
State there are more members of this group in other denominations than in the church itself?
Blood transfusions are refused because it is against Old Testament laws to eat blood?
Jehovah's Witness
Babylon is the white European and western culture, ultimate goal is to destroy this system?
Mother Goddess and the Horned God?
Center is Salt Lake City in Utah?
Man is a free spiritual being; he needs to be free from body and mind to be fully enlightened?
Book of Shadows?
Religious wisdom is always changing and human understanding about the world can never be final?
Haile Selassie?
Negative mental images prevent people from reaching enlightenment?
Groups of 13 form a coven?
The practice of polygamy is an outdated doctrine but still practiced in a few cases?
Charles Russell?
Jehovah's Witness
John Travolta, Kristie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley, and Tom Cruise?
Jesus is flesh and blood; result of relations between God and Mary?
Merged with the Universalists?
"As you harm none, do as you will"?
Restorationism is one of the most important principles?
Beliefs described as a marriage between Hinduism and witchcraft?
JST Translation of the KJV of the Bible?
Salvation by the grace of God only?
Fastest growing religion?
According to our class discussion, which of the following best defines a cult?
A deviant expression of the central and foundational teachings of Christianity.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a cult?
Double talk - using basic religious terminology in new ways

Attempts to isolate its members from outside influences

Has a charismatic leader with a new revelation of truth

Places a heavy emphasis on recruitment of new members
Which of the following Christian doctrines are misrepresented in a cult?

The Deity of Christ

Holy Scripture

Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons people have interest in the occult?
They are fun and interesting
According to C.S. Lewis, which of the following are ways people underestimate the occult?
Don't believe the occult exists; just good stories

Have an unhealthy interest in them; get addicted to them
When discussing the occult with others, what are some things to remember?
Be aware of spending too much time in occult activities

Know what the Bible says about the occult

Witness in gentleness and respect

Do careful research on the occult; know what you are talking about
What is the danger of doing research on the occult?
Using supernatural power to foretell the future is known as?
The use of supernatural powers to manipulate a person or event for the good is known as?
White magick
A religious group using secret or hidden knowledge to affect the outcome is known as?
Focusing on anti-Church activities, black magick, and a "do what you want" attitude is known as?
Focusing on worship of nature and female powers. Recently new religion, less than 50 years old?
Traditional sayings and actions of Muhammad are written here?
This group makes up 90% of the Muslim population. They believe that the community should pick the spiritual leader?
This group wants the purification of Islam. They encourage the use of militant methods to achieve their goals. Originally from Saudi Arabia?
An internal struggle against worldly influences?
Chapters in the Koran?
Pilgrimage to Mecca?
House of Allah in Mecca?
"There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is his prophet"?
First five books of Bible, Jewish law?
Takes the principles of the Torah and applies them in different circumstances. It contains stories, laws, and debates about moral choices?
Children of Abraham?
"Hear of Israel, The Lord our God is one Lord"?
Means Holy Cabinet; keeps the scrolls?
The Passover Meal?
The number of commandments Jews are to follow?
Which of the following are true regarding the Jewish groups at the time of Jesus?
Zealots were militant in nature and wanted a political deliverer.
Which of the following correctly represents the differences or similarities between Jews and Christians?
All of the above are true
Which of the following correctly represents Jewish holidays?
All of the above
Which of the following are reasons Judaism is considered one of the world's major religions?
Its teachings are foundational for Christianity and Islam

The 10 Commandments have set a standard for moral and ethical behavior

It is the first major monotheistic religion
The three most important Jewish scriptures are?
Talmud, Mishnah, and Torah
The Babylonians destroyed the temple and lead the Jews off into exile in 586 BC. Babylon is located in present day?
Southern Iraq
Jews that are characterized by black clothing, long coats, and ear locks are called?
A mystical form of Judaism developed in Spain is referred to as?
Jewish reminders of God's Law in the life of a Jew include?
Tefillin, Mezuzah, and Tallit
Which of the following describes the basis for Muslim beliefs?
There is no God but Allah

Mohammad is his prophet
Which of the following does NOT characterize Islam?
None of the above; all of the above are TRUE
Which of the following is NOT one of the five pillars of Islam?
Which of the following correctly expresses Muslim beliefs?
All of the above
Which of the following describes the relationship between secular and religious life of a Muslim?
Iran is a good example of a country with Islamic Fundamentalism

The Shariah is the rule of Law for everyone in a Fundamentalist nation
Which of the following is NOT a basic belief of Islam?
None of the above; All of the above are basic truths.
Which of the following is NOT a dietary law for the Jews?
All of the above are dietary laws for the Jews.
The largest population of Jews live in?
United States
The largest population of Muslims live in?
By the year 2020, the largest religion in the world will most likely be?
Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Old Testament Promises?
All of the above are true/ not listed.
Which of the following are reasons for the Diaspora?
The desire to find a safe place to live

Conquest and oppression by others

Result of commerce and travel
Which of the following is a sacred place for Sunni Muslims?
Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina
The Dome of the Rock is where the Prophet Mohammad rode a creature into heaven and was instructed about prayer. This site is located in?
This city contains the largest Muslim cemetery?
From the phrase "If it is Allah's will" comes the Islamic doctrine of?
Which of the following is an obligation at the Hajj?
Walking or running seven times between two nearby hills

Throwing 49 stones at three pillars

All pilgrims wear two white sheets to symbolize equality

Walking around the Ka'aba seven times counter clock wise

Walking 12 miles to Mount of Mercy
There is only One God, but not three persons?
Judaism and Islam
May gain salvation through commitment to one God through moral living. They stress obedience to the 10 commandments?
When the Messiah arrives He will restore the nation and He will rule on earth?
One must earn their salvation by following the Five Pillars of Faith?
Believe man is not born good or evil, but must choose between the two?
Humans are born with hearts that are clean slates?
There is no one who does good, not even one?
Significant people include: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and David?
Judaism, Islam, and Christian
While we were still sinners, He died for us?
They turn their head to the right and to the left to greet the faithful of the world when they finish praying?
Today the place of worship is the temple?
Jesus was only a man, not God?
Judaism and Islam
God does not love those who do wrong?
Those whose good deeds outweigh their bad deeds will enter a sensual paradise?
People of the Book?
Judaism and Christian
Humanity's nature is basically good. Through education, encouragement, and evolution man can actualize the potential already existing within him?
Each person must take care of his or her own sins. "Whoever goes astray, he himself bears the whole responsibility of wandering" - Surah 10:109?
Holy Scripture makes you wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?
Religious leaders believe all must submit to the Shariah?
Christ wasn't really crucified, it only seemed that way?
The reason Islam is growing so rapidly is because?
All of the above are true
Mohammad teachings focused on what evils of society?
Economic oppression of poor and idolatry
Which of the following would NOT be found in a mosque today?
Drawings or paintings of Mohammad and Ali

Drawings of prophets like Jesus, Moses, and David

A wooden cross
People have committed horrible atrocities in the name of Jesus Christ. Which of the following are examples of these?
Crusades, Inquisitions, and Slavery
Which of the following are reasons radical Muslims hate Americans?
The high level of secularization, consumerism, and materialism in the U.S.

Moral degeneracy and sexual promiscuity

U.S. policy and complicity with corrupt Islamic leaders

They are jealous of western wealth and opportunities
Which of the following are appropriate biblical responses to radical Muslims?
Learn about Islam

Love your enemies

Pray for them

Develop meaningful relationships with them

Encourage them to read the New Testament
Who is the founder of the Nation of Islam?
Wallace D. Fard
The best-known speaker for the Nation of Islam today is?
Louis Farrakhan
Which of the following are foundational teachings of the Nation of Islam?
Raising moral, social, and economic standings of non-whites
Which of the following are beliefs of Baha'i?
All of the above
Baha'i considers itself a "universal religion". Initially, Baha'i broke away from which religion?