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what are the steps to problem soliving?
1)understanding the problem
2)devising a plan to solve the problem
3) carrying out hte plan
4)analyzing the solution for accuracy
what are the steps in software development?
1)analysis of problem
2)designing for proposed solutions
3)implementation of code
what does software testing involve?
1)desk-checking: mental tracing of code

2)debugging : removal of syntax and logical errors through compilation and execution of program

3)integration testing: using detailed sanity test to ensure other programs have not been negatively affected
what is involved in maintenance?
-result of software change requests (SRC)
1)adding additional features
2)modify existing features
3)remove existing bugs
what is generation 1 machine language?
-uses bits
-not portable
what is generation 2 programming language?
Assembly language
-uses translator to conver mnemonic codes into machine language
-still has to worry about detail of instruction in program
-not portable

eg:assembler m68000
what is generation 3 programming language?
-english based vocab
-perferred over machine and assembly languages b/c allows programmer to focus on solving problem


what are generation 4 programming languages?
very high level language
-closer to natural language
-uses less lines in coding
-more time to compile than 3GLs