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Standing Order (SO)- ALS
allows what 10 actions to be initiated using paramedic judgement?
1. Base Hopsital Contact

2. Use any BLS SO

3. Cardiac Monitor

4. IV or saline lock

5. IO when IV access cannot be established

6. 12- lead ECG

7. O2 by mask or cannula

8. BVM assisted ventilation

9. ET intubation with proper placement confirmation

10. SPO2

What are the indications for administering 02?
Hypoxia, patients O2 Sat <95% and any time it is stated in a Standing Order

SO treatment for adult patients with blood glucose <80
1. Oral glucose preparation (if airway reflexes intact)

2. 50% Dextrose 50mL IV (may repeat x1 if glucose remains <80)

3. Glucagon 1 mg IM if IV can't be established

SO treatment for pediatric patients with blood glucose <80
1. Oral glucose preparation (if airway reflexes intact)

2. 25% Dextrose 2 mL/kg IV if less than 2 years old (may repeat x1 if glucose remains <80)

3. 50% Dextrose 1mL/kg IV if 2 years or older (may repeat x1 if glucose remains <80)

4. Glucagon 0.5 mg IM if unable to establish IV

EMT's may assist patients with which 5 medications?
1. Nitro as prescribed for patient

2. Albuterol - inhaler or nebulizer as prescribed for patient

3. Epinephrine autoinjector (in thigh)

4. Aspirin for cardiac chest pain

5. Duodote

EMT's may assist paramedics with what procedures?
1. Placement of 12 lead ECGs

2. Preparation of IV

3. Preparation for ALS airway procedures

4. Determining blood glucose levels using a glucometer

Which 3 DNR forms may be honored by EMTs and Paramedics?
1. Physician signed DNR order in a skilled nursing facility or copy

2. Advance Healthcare Directive

3. California POLST Form