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A web site is a collection of Web pages
You can buy a preformatted disks.
You can choose to format a disk so that the current data on the disk is not erased.
When you insert a disk into a disk drive, you insert the label-end first.
The delete key erases the character immediately to the left of the insertion point.
Most Windows programs operate in insert mode by default.
A file must have a filename in order to be saved to disk.
When you make changes to a previously saved file, all changes are automatically saved by default.
Clicking the Print button on you program toolbar allows you to specify the printer on which you want your document to print.
Details view displays a small preview image of each graphics file on your computer.
In Windows, subdirectories are called folders.
You can copy a file from one folder to another, but not from one disk to another.
Drag and drop is the preferred method for moving program files.
Windows Xp includes a program that automates the process of backing up data.
The default format for WordPad documents is "Word for Windows 6.0"
False, Rich Text Formatting
The Print "Layout" option shows your document exactly as it will appear when printed on paper.
False, preview
You would use the My Computer window "control panel" to change you computer settings.
The main directory of a disk is called the "root" directory.
If one folder contains another folder, the main folder is called the "root" folder.
False, parent
Arranging magnetic particles on the surface of a disk to prepare for data storage is called
The format command is available through which of the following windows?
My Computer
The My Computer icon is located
on the desktop
The way files are organized on a disk is called the file
The white area taht appears below the menu bar, toolbars, and ruler in a word processing program is called the
document window
To set the Word Wrap option, use the Options dialog box, found on which of the following WordPad menus?
One or more consecutice characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs selected together are called a text
The three characters added to the end of a filename that indicate the program in which the file was creawted are called the filename
The filename extension .xls indicates which of the following filw types?
A file's format determines all of the following EXCEPT
Not appearence, not what kind of programs can work with the Doc., not the type of info contained in the doc
What button should you click if you can't view the detail of you document when you use Print Preview?
All of the following are ways to print a document EXCEPT
Selecting the Print option from the Open dialog box
Which of the following views displays a preview of graphic images
All of the following are navigation buttons EXCEPT
In figure 2-2, the largest file is a
bitmap image
shows device or folder information, such as its size and the date on which it was created
allows you to click buttons to navigate your computer or change your icon view
standard buttons toolbar
allows you to view hard drive cpacity, add or remove programs, or change a sustem setting
system task
used to view or change computer settings
control panel
shows the name and location of the currnet device or folder
address bar
used to open the My Documents or Shared Documents folder or the Network Places or Control Panel Window
Other Places
shows the folders, drives, and devices on your computer
Right pane
YOu can perform a search using only part of a file name when you use the Windows Explorer
Search Companion
In figure 3-1 which item number indicates the Standard buttons toolbar?
3rd bar down
In figure 3-1, which folder is diplayed?
My documents
In figure 3-2 how many levels are there in the folder hierarchy displayed?
In figure 3-2 how many items contain hidden subfolders
Files that use sound and images are known as ____files
To choose all the files and folders on your disk, you would slick the Edit menu _____ command.
Select all
To move a file from teh hard drive to the destination disk, you can use the _____ To command
The Send To command can only send fiels to the _____ directory of the floppy drive.
appears in the left pane and can be diplayed in one of five ways
explorer bar
contains shortcuts to common commands
standard buttons toolbar
shows the location of the active folder
address bar
shows the contents of an object selected
right pane
contains commands for working with files and folders in the Windows Explorer window
menu bar
displays the name of the currently selected object
title bar
displayed in teh Explorer bar, shows files and folders on your computer
Folders pane